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Forgotten Legends

Author(s): Laura Dasnoit

Iris Borden is a private investigator who considers her life normal, well, aside from the dreams of Norse Gods. It is changed forever the day she is tricked by Death into becoming a soul collector. From that moment, she is propelled into a world she never imagined was possible.


The stairs creaked under our weight. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling knowing that there was the possibility we could die in this place. Somehow, I once again ended up in the front of the group, which was just stellar. I couldn’t die, as Death proclaimed, but it didn’t alleviate my crazed imagination, besides, how can one walk away from being decapitated? Riddle me that.

I turned back at Todd to see him clutching the lapel of his jacket.

“Everything is oily,” He hissed with a flick of his eyes toward the railing.

With a finger, I touched the liquid and held it up under the pale light at the top of the steps. My mind couldn’t process it fast enough, though all instincts screamed, ‘get the hell out’.

Todd leaned in, “That’s blood,” he hissed.

One minute we stood there in horror and the next we could have jumped out of our skins at the loud bang that jolted our eardrums.

Mia pointed down the narrow hallway, “Iris…”

I turned to find the hallway the same as it was seconds earlier." Todd, go talk to Ms. Bewler and see where that noise came from."

He started to object, "Did you miss the..."

I didn't let him finish, "Todd...go!"

Clearly annoyed, he stomped back down the stairs.

Able to focus solely on Mia,I stepped in front of her. "Mia, what did it look like?"

Oblivious to my words, she shook her head, "I'm seeing things."

The room vibrated around us, knocking our senses into oblivion and if that wasn't enough, the clanging jolted our bones. Whether it was tormenting or proving its existence, the answer she was looking for was there.

"Iris!" Todd shouted from below. If he yelled anymore, it was muffled by the repeated slamming of the bathroom door. I had to get us out of here. Grabbing a hold of Mia's arm, I pulled her but was met with a strong resistance. Turning to face her, Mia's head slowly tilted to the side, her sclera turning a shade of jaundice.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290263
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290256
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 08/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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