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Getting Her Greek

Author(s): Emma Shortt

Sequel to Paying Her Debt 

On assignment to cover the wedding of millionaire businessman, Alexander Iannou, Cassie Reynolds doesn’t expect to be accosted by his partner, the enigmatic, and devastatingly attractive, George Constantinou. True she may have gatecrashed, and yes her paper might be a gutter rag, but Cassie won’t let little things like that get in the way of a good scoop. If George thinks he can intimidate her he has another thing coming!

George has no problem removing Cassie from the wedding or making sure she leaves town. If he has to take care of those details personally then so be it. The fiery reporter needs some lessons in manners, and it seems that George is just the man to give them to her...

Be Warned: anal play.


    Cassie wrapped her legs around George’s waist and let him carry her to the bed. His cock throbbed inside her and she groaned. He dropped her onto it and ran his eyes over her sweat dampened body. Lust glinting in their chocolate depths.
    She scooted back on the bed and pressed her legs together. Unsure if her body could take another pounding. Would the man ever fucking come? Surely this wasn’t normal? This kind of stamina.
    “On your hands and knees,” he demanded.
    She eyed the clock on the bedroom wall and gasped. Two hours of filthy sex so far and he still wanted more?
    Cassie knew better than to argue. Though sore and tired, she knew George was far from finished with her, or she with him. The body might be flagging but her lust was not. She turned herself around and braced herself against the headboard.
    “Lift that ass for me,” he said.
    Cassie barely contained a whimper but did as he asked. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks, rough palms squeezing her.
    “You’re a bad girl, Cassie,” he said.
    The whimper escaped.
    “You know what happens to bad girls don’t you?”
    She bit down on her lip and nodded, awaiting whatever punishment George planned. Knowing that she deserved it, that she’d driven him to this point. She’d challenged him, goaded him and excited him. Of course he’d want to punish her and damn, she was all for it. Being taken, properly taken by him was like nothing she’d ever known. He dominated her completely and fucking hell she liked it. Three orgasms in one session was a record and she honestly didn’t know if she’d be able to have another, if her body was even up to it. She had a feeling George was going to try anyway.
    He climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind her. She lifted her ass higher and waited for his cock to fill her. Excitement overcoming the tiredness. When his finger slid, not into, but along the length of her wet pussy, and then into her ass shock filled her, she gasped and made to pull away.
    “What the hell are you doing?” she shrieked. No one had ever dared to try that before and she didn’t know what to do. It was wrong, and yet disturbingly exciting. Fucking hell.
    He slapped her lightly on her rump and held her still. “Do you want two inside there? Question me again, Cassie, and that’s what you’ll get.”
    She shook her head even as the disturbing excitement coursed through her. “No, George, don’t.”
    His cock thrust inside of her pussy before she could say anything else and Cassie had never felt so full in her entire life. His finger moved in and out in time with his cock and her whole body shook from it. She wanted to tell him to stop, that it was wrong, but the words would not come. Now he initial shock had worn off it felt… good. More than good it felt bloody amazing.
    “You’re going to come for me, Cassie. That ass is going to clench around my finger. Only then will I stop.”
    She shuddered and lifted her ass higher. “Oh God…”
    “This is what you wanted, no?” he said and thrust into her, his balls slapping against her clit.
    This was what she’d wanted. But she’d never imagined it would be like this. So animalistic, so intense, and so exciting. “Yes.”
    “You thought I’d be one of your other lovers, no? Over in ten minutes?” He thrust again—as far as he could go. “If you’re lucky I’ll come soon enough. Or maybe we’ll do this for the rest of the day.”
    She shuddered, unsure if she could take even another minute of this sort of pleasure. George gave her no choice. He pounded her in and out, over and over again, his speed increasing with every single thrust.
    “Come for me, Cassie,” he demanded
    And dear God she did. The orgasm was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Her pussy, her ass, her clit, all of it throbbed in one mind blowing burst of pleasure that screamed through every single cell. She cried out, a desperate scream and curled her fists into the headboard.
    “Cassie…” His own hoarse cry joined hers and she felt him pulse inside her, even with the condom she felt it. On and on it went, increasing her own pleasure, pushing her to the brink.
    The finger slipped out and his hands crushed her to him, thrusting still.
    “George,” she whispered. “Please.” She didn’t know what the hell she was asking for. Maybe for him to stop?
    Little shivers of pleasure continued to race through her and they were almost unbearable. Yes, he needed to stop. She needed him to stop. She wanted to curl up and let her body come to terms with what had just happened. With the pleasure she didn’t even know she was capable of feeling.
    Finally his thrusts slowed and he pulled out of her, letting her fall prone onto the bed, before—strangely—lying down next to her and scooping her into his arms.
    He pressed one light kiss against her forehead and looked into her eyes. Cassie shivered with what she saw there. An odd feeling filled her chest, tiredness raced through her, and her body begged for sleep.
    “Don’t worry,” he said, a wicked smile curving his lips. “I need maybe twenty minutes and then you can have some more.”
     And Cassie almost fainted then and there.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-87-7
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 09/21/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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