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Guardian of Cupid's Heart

Author(s): Troy H. Gardner

Evermore Island Series

Guardian of Cupid’s Heart: Book 1

Fantasy Romance

Tags  Valentine’s Day, Cupid, elf, New York, mythical creatures, holidays

Welcome to Evermore Island, where fairy tale creatures work tirelessly to ensure holidays go off without a hitch. Dagfinn Snorkelbone is a woodland elf recently promoted to the Arbor Day Department, but he has higher career ambitions.

Dagfinn dreams of landing a job matchmaking in the Valentine’s Day Department, but those office jobs are hard to come by.

After Cupid mysteriously goes missing, Dagfinn seizes the opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the beloved cherub.

Dagfinn’s plans are quickly complicated when he learns Cupid was working a particularly difficult case involving human co-workers who seem to hate each other. As the elf travels to the modern world to get the quarrelsome two together, he learns that there is much more riding on his success than anyone could ever imagine. Can the diminutive elf prove worthy and save Cupid from an unknown adversary, or will Valentine’s Day lose its guardian?


Dagfinn was ready for action. The next morning he tied his long blond hair back, tucked his shirt into his khakis, and stormed down to his supervisor’s office—

Where the secretary told him to have a seat. He tried telling the woman he didn’t want to wait because he had a Five Year Plan and didn’t want it stretching out to six, but she didn’t budge. After two hours, she finally pointed at the large stone doors as they swung open on their own accord.

Inside was a massive circular room with a raised roof looming two stories high. In the center of the room a tree with a handlebar mustache sat behind a big desk. His nameplate read J. Morton Haberdashery, but everyone called him Morty.

“Have a seat,” the ancient tree said, one of his many limbs pointing at a plush seat nearby.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, Dag.”

“Oh, it’s all right.” The elf wanted to stand up and shout at his boss for being inconsiderate and keeping him waiting for so long. But that was counterproductive to his Five Year Plan. That could potentially set him back to eight years.

“We’ve had a bit of a busy day around here,” Morty explained. “I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Cupid?”

“That’s sort of why I’m here,” Dagfinn said.

“Oh? Was he working on setting you up with someone?” the tree asked.

“No, no, no. I don’t have time for love. Maybe in nine years…”

“I once fell in love with a maple,” Morty reflected. “But we were from different worlds.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“She mated with a nice fern and moved to Scottsdale,” Morty said. “I get a Christmas card every other year or so. Nice looking family.”

“I need to take some time off,” Dagfinn said.

“The next Arbor Day marches steadily nearer…”

“Just a few weeks, sir.”

“I remember when I plucked you from the forest. Such a good cookie maker, I thought you’d make an excellent Arborist.” The problem with ancient trees, like Morty, is they tend to do a lot more remembering and reminiscing than moving forward.

“Thank you.”

“I could stand to lose you for two weeks, I should imagine.”

“Wonderful. Thank you, sir.”

And with that, Dagfinn Snorkelbone was free to enact his plan.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-459-3
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 11/22/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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