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Haunting The Night (Razor's Edge)

Author(s): M.A. Church

Only one member of the Bad Boys Club remains. Hugh.

The name of the game is control. Hugh's a lawyer for a well-known defense firm. That was Daddy's choice -- both the profession and the firm. His father's control is second only to that of the wealthy society Hugh moves in. In Hugh's world, image is everything. But appearances can be deceiving. Blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, a cute face and boyish charm belie the shark within... His obsession? Hot cars. And small, blond twinks.

Enter Tobis. This sweet young twink isn't at all what he appears to be. Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, Tobis is one of the strongest weres around. And he's on the hunt. Tobis' obsession?

Leather. Particularly on his submissive mate.

Praise for Haunting the Night

"Sexual tension and dominance permeates… Haunting the Night is a hot juicy tale of karma. Steamy and scintillating in one."

-- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed


Haunting the Night
M.A. Church
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 M.A. Church

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.


Grinning slightly, Hugh pushed clothes out of the way until he could see the entrance to a small hidden room he'd added when he'd had the place remodeled years ago. He thought of the valuables he had secured there.

He opened the hidden door and entered. The room was nothing more than another large closet, but this one was special and private. Taking a deep breath, he admired his prized possessions. Shaking slightly, he reached out, his hands falling on... leather. Oh yes, this was one of his secret desires.

He pulled the soft leather pants out of the safe. There was not only a zipper in the front, but one in the back too. The leather was soft as sin and of high quality, as was the vest he pulled out next. Black was his favorite color, but it wasn't the only color by any means. There were many outfits in the room: leather shorts done in burgundy, a harness done in white, several pairs of underwear in different colors, black gloves, shirts in all different colors, chaps... and the list just went on.

He loved leather... but there was no way he could wear such garments in public. There was that image thing he had to worry about. The only son of a high-powered man such as his father could not dress like some... freak. At least, that's what his father called those kinds of people. The kind that had tattoos, piercings, long hair... everything he didn't have -- and wanted.

Oh God, how he wanted. And he didn't dare. His father was fanatical when it came to image. Weirdly enough, dear old Dad was fine with him screwing men... as long as Hugh was the one doing the screwing. To his father, it was nothing more than using sex to put lesser men in their place -- which was always below the powerful Hilbert men. Sex was just another weapon in the arsenal.

"What I wouldn't give to be free like those people." Hugh rubbed the leather against his cheek and sighed. His fondness for leather wasn't the only need he kept a tight rein on. The need to relinquish control, to chuck the chains that bound him, was always a constant. He dreamed of cutting loose, of living life on his own terms, and he envied the simple things that common folk took for granted. He wanted a tattoo, a body piercing, wanted to dress sinfully sexy... and to not have to make the life and death decisions that lawyers made.

"Yeah, right." He put the leather back and locked the room. What he wouldn't give up for such freedom was his money, power, and prestige. He liked living such a privileged life, and even desires as strong as these couldn't make him give that up. He enjoyed the respect and fear money brought him. Then, of course, there was his father, who controlled the family billions.

He checked the time. If he was going to meet his friends at Night Moves, he'd better get ready. He padded across the thick, lush carpet to the equally lush and high-end bathroom. Switching on the light, he looked at his reflection. His naturally blond hair needed to be cut before his father started harping on it being too long. Which was just silly. The back didn't even touch his shirt collar. He turned this way and that. He'd bet he'd look good with longer hair. Not that he'd ever know.

But his best features were his big, cornflower blue eyes, even though there were shadows there from all the long nights spent working on the trial. But even the shadows couldn't hide the cute, boyish face that belied the shark within. He was merciless when it came to cross examining a witness, and there was nothing he enjoyed more than matching wits with whoever happened to be on the stand.

He leaned closer to the mirror. "Hmm, still looking a bit tired, though. I'm almost tempted to skip tonight and stay in and relax."

Actually, the more he thought about it, the better a night at home sounded. Only problem was his friends would hound him until he showed up. With a sigh, he got in the shower. Maybe the night would revive him. He scrubbed the loofah over his skin, suds cascading down his chest, the heat of the water relaxing him even more as it washed the day away.

And if the gods were really with him, there'd be some small blond twinks at the club tonight. That was his obsession. There was nothing he enjoyed more than having a cute little guy trapped under him and begging. And if they had a few tattoos or piercings, even better.

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 07/31/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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