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Hidden by the Rose

Author(s): Bil and Bon Franks

Book Two of The Twilight of Magic Saga


Caylith and her friends are on the run. After finding her ancestral villa burned and her mother killed or captured, the 16-year-old escapes the forces of the Duke of Deva with her armsman Fletcher and her best friend Brindl to a most unlikely place--the land of Faerie, a place she had thought existed only in fanciful tales. And there she meets a most unlikely man--her great-to-the-eighth grandfather, King of the Trolls.

In Faerie, Caylith begins a regimen of combat training with the marine forces and also special lessons with her grandfather, in the unusual field of herbology. She begins to discover that she has a certain power over the plants, and that she can use them to her advantage. Through plant magic, she learns the truth behind her mother’s fate, that the vile Duke of Deva is responsible.

By the time Caylith is ready to return to seek retribution for the Duke’s wickedness, she has won some formidable new friends. Together, they vanquish the forces of the Duke, and even the Duke himself in a very funny confrontation that brings him to his knees. Thinking that she has won her battles, she returns to Faerie.

There she finds her grandfather slowly sinking into a kind of sickness, complaining about the fall of Faerie. She also learns, by using her plant magic, that her father’s death five years before had been arranged by the Duke and his henchman Gregor. She returns to the monastery where the evil men are living. There, using her own wits and the stick training of her new armsman, she brings them to justice and can return to Faerie to live with her new friends and her marvelous grandfather.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-295-7
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 03/22/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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