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Ballou’s Christmas Wish

Author(s): Keelia Greer

"Ballou's Christmas Wish" is a story involving puppy owners Melody Barton and Jorin Griffin. A chance encounter at a grocery store brings them together, but their puppies, Ballou and Bonnie, refuse to be separated. Will "Ballou's Christmas Wish" be granted?

Animal lovers will simply adore Keelia Greer's charming tale! Ballou practically steals the show with his adorable antics. The twist in the story is exceptionally well done. 


“Behave, Ballou. Stay inside until we reach the pet food aisle.” Melody Barton stroked the silky head of her West Highland white terrier then pulled the sides of the leather tote bag higher before entering the Big Tex grocery store. She needed a Christmas miracle. Her heart longed for the right man. Would this year be the one where her Christmas wish came true?


The automatic doors swished open, blasting her with heated air. The sound of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, the excited chatter of children and bright decorations sparkled in all directions all perfect distractions for one little doggie.


Melody tugged a cart from the row and placed the bag with Ballou on the seat reserved for children. “Good boy,” she whispered.


She wove through the crowd making quick work of arriving at the designated dog products. Wouldn’t you know Ballou’s favorite-Woofies-were on the top shelf. She pushed aside a few off-brand cans of food to make a toehold on the shelf. What demented person puts an eight-pound bag of dog cookies so high you have to climb to reach them?


Placing her foot on the shelf, she grasped the metal above her head. Her thigh high skirt inched higher. Terrific. She could see the headlines—“Woman Falls, Exposing and Busting Her Ass.” Of course, she had to wear the shortest item of clothing she owned today. Melody suppressed a groan and prayed no one would choose this moment to come around the corner.


“Here, let me help you.” A man’s Welsh accent slid over her like warm honey drizzled over a biscuit. He reminded her of the days she spent as a Welsh foreign exchange student.


Damn and double damn. A pair of strong hands encircled her waist and eased her from her perch. Melody grabbed his forearms to keep her balance.


“Thank you.” Hard muscle flexed beneath her palms causing her tummy to flip with delight.


He released her and smiled, then reached for the large bag of Woofies and plopped it into the basket right behind Ballou.


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ISBN (Print): 0-9787139-1-5
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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