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Cave of Terror

Author(s): Amber Dawn Bell

Do you believe in vampires?  I sure didn't. Not until on my 16th birthday when I discovered I'm anything but human. And to add the cherry on the freaky sundae called my life, I'm the first Vânãtor born in over 500 years. You see, it means I'm destined to be a hunter of evil. That's right; I'm a real life Buffy.


 And to make matters worse, I'm falling for Ryan--this new guy at school. I never thought I'd be this love struck, hair tossing, dorky teenager. It's enough to make me want to hurl. 


Oh, I almost forgot to mention that on top of all this, I have an entity stalking me that wants to use my rare blood for his own evil deeds, a girl at school who lives to make my life miserable, and a gymnastics coach who is determined to see I make it to Nationals. 


Yep, things are really looking up for me. Welcome to the never boring, anything by normal, you never know what's going to happen life of Cheyenne Wilde.  






I whipped my head around to glance at Ryan just as he decided to do the same--our faces just an inch apart, our lips an inch apart. I drew in a quick breath. Before I had a chance to exhale, he pressed his lips to mine, sending unfamiliar sensations rippling through me. He opened his mouth a little and I followed, allowing the kiss to deepen. Tingles shot straight to my lower abdomen. He tasted like popcorn and Dr. Pepper--a salty and sweet combination that curled my toes. It wasn't as scary as I had imagined, yet so much more amazing than I had ever dreamed.






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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0981855035
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 11/17/2008

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