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Chicken What Du Hell

Available in Recipe for Love and Cat O Nine Tales

Author(s): Deborah MacGillivray

Catonia Fleming is furious with Remy Kinross. His pesky cat, Bubba, keeps bringing her gifts. While it's sweet the kitty adores her, the "gifts" leave something to be desired, and she wants it stopped now. Remy has decided Catonia is the woman for him--and Bubba--but the feisty lady is going to take some wooing, and cooking Chicken What De Hell for her is just the starting point for his siege to win her heart.


Cats take care of their people. Its their nature. Bubba doesnt want you to go hungry. You should praise the lad for such diligent behavior.

Her brow crinkled at the lad slip, but then let it pass. She had more important things on her agenda. But hes not my cat. Im not kidding, Kinross. I hate snakes She glared pointedly at him. The kind that slither through the grass and the two-legged ones. Sometimes, Im not sure which the bigger menace is. However, I do know I dont like coming in and finding that the Monster of Trelonge has left me a present. That scared me out of ten years of my life!

Ah, cher, Bubba is in love. Hes only trying to see you have plenty of food. Let me make it up to you. Stay, Ill cook supper for you. Something special. We could dine in the gazebo. Theres a full moon tonight.

She flashed him the same look she did the dead snake. While I am impressed with a man who can actually cook, I want nothing to do with youor that stupid cat.

Bubbas head snapped back and he blinked.

Now youve done it, cher. Gone and hurt Bubbas feelings.

I mean it, Kinross. Stay away from meand keep that snake killing Grendel away as well. She stared at him for a minute, confusion flittering through her haunting eyes, then she stormed out of the old plantation house, screen door slamming in her wake.

The cat bounced on his paws then leaned over against Royces shoulder with a thud, Bubbas heart on his kitty sleeve. Sorry, Bubba. I dont care if you take that pretty lady snakes twice a week. Wont do you any good. Shes mine, all mine. Id hike my tail and spray her leg to mark my property, but I dont think shed get the point in the fashion it was offered.

He watched her speed down his gravel driveway, driving like a bat out of hell.

Smiling, he wondered if she made love the same way.

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ISBN (Print): 9780978713904
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 07/01/2007

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