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Christmas Wonderland

Author(s): Leanne Burroughs

World War II has taken a toll on everyone. People at home in the states are doing everything they can to help.A department store manager hires a Santa to work in his toy department to help raise money for the war bond effort.

He hires an 'elf' to help Santa, but the young woman worms her way into his life and his heart. Which is exactly what he doesn't want. He's quite happy with his life and thinks he doesn't need interference from anyone.

When his daughter falls in love with his 'elf' as well, his world will never be the same!


When her friend had broken her leg and suggested Miss Noelle be allowed to take her place, he'd almost said no. Her resum seemed too good. Too perfect. Then she'd walked into the interview room.

His brain had ceased functioning. All blood traveled south and left him without a sane thought. All he could think about was the young woman standing before him. Light brown hair cascaded halfway down her back. And her eyes. Eyes the color of brandy. She'd smiled, and the smile had reached her eyes. Surely they'd seen clear into his soul.

Seen his loneliness.

He'd hired her on the spot. First time in his life he'd made such a reckless decision. But she'd gone far beyond his expectations of an elf. She'd acted like she carednot just automatically directing each child to Santa's lap.

She actually talked to them. Paid attention to what they said, often kneeling on one knee to look into their eyes. Make them feel important.

Greg wondered what it would be like to have those eyes peer into his for any length of time. Talk to him like she had the children. Care about what he felt.

Stop it! She's not a dateshe's an employee. Nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *

Not since he'd met his wife had a woman affected him like this. He'd thought their love would last forever. Had wanted it to. Clearly Amanda hadn't felt the same. After their daughter had been born she'd told him she was leaving. She'd met someone else. Someone who could advance her career. She'd left and never looked back. Divorce papers had arrived in less than a week. He'd felt gut punched when she told him she'd never loved him. Had only wanted his money.

For the first time in years, Greg found himself wanting to open up to someone again. Be near someone other than his tiny daughter. He'd shut out everythingeveryone after Amanda left.

He'd seen Miss Noelle every day for the past week while she'd been in training. Greg shook his head. Whoever heard of week-long training to be an elf? He'd devised the class for employees from all the stores who rented space from his shopping mall merely as a means to see her. The woman with the Christmasy name. The woman with the haunting brown eyes. Eyes that called to him. Made him want more.

He was a fool.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9787139-1-5
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Genre: Historical
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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