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Enchantment by the Sea

Book Title: Blue Moon Magic

Author(s): M.J. Sager

Burned in the past, journalist Clara Barnes doesn’t mix pleasure with business. Her conviction is sorely tested when she meets sexy resort owner Grayson Everett. Gray is instantly attracted to the woman sent to do an article on his retreat. Neither is looking for love, but the magic of the Blue Moon opens their hearts to possibility of ENCHANTMENT BY THE SEA, until Clara learns the truth behind Gray’s seduction. He’ll need to convince her the magic is real before it wanes.


“May I have this dance?”
Why does he always sneak up on me? Clara turned away from her dinner companions and faced Gray. He leaned toward her and his cologne enveloped her.
The people at her table stared as if her answer to Gray’s question were a matter of worldly importance.
“It’s only a dance, Clara, and it will give me a chance to apologize,” he whispered.
An apology from a man? That in itself would make dancing with him worth her while. Being in the arms of a sexy man like Gray was a bonus. She nodded and he led her out onto the parquet dance floor.
He slid an arm around her waist, taking her right hand in his left and held her close enough she felt the heat of his body, but not so close they touched.
She was impressed; the man did know how to dance. He didn’t just shuffle his feet, trying not to step on her toes.
Gray twirled her around the floor in silence for several minutes. “I never meant to insult you this afternoon, Clara.”
She jerked her gaze from the knot of his tie to his face. His chocolate eyes bore into her.
“I wasn’t insulted…not exactly.”
He raised a dark eyebrow at her. Why did the man have so much sex appeal? She looked at a couple moving beside them.
“I know I’m not beautiful. It’s an insult to my intelligence when someone claims I am.”
Gray’s hand tightened on the small of her back. “Clara, there are different kinds of beauty. You may not be what some would consider supermodel material, but you’re the only woman who’s caught my interest in a long time.”
His words drew her to study his handsome face, looking for deception. Not so many years ago, a similar-looking man had said much the same to her. Her belief in The Scumbag’s words had cost her dearly.
His eyes returned her intense stare. “I find you attractive, Clara. I find you interesting. I find I want to get to know you better.” He put pressure on her back, pulling her closer. “Is there anything wrong with that?”
Hell, yes. After the fiasco she’d found herself in four years ago, she knew there was something wrong with what he wanted. A reporter did not socialize with the subject of her ‘research.’
His thighs brushed hers as they danced. It felt so good to be held. For a few minutes, Clara relished the sensations of Gray’s hand on her back, his scent, the heat of his body. She was tempted to lay her head on his shoulder and let the intoxicating sensations sweep away her loneliness.
When the notes to the song faded, Gray tightened his hold, asking with actions for her answer. Clara shook her head and stepped out of his embrace.
“I’m sorry, Gray. I can’t.” She turned and fled the dance floor.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-7-7
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 05/01/2006

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