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No Law Against Love 2

Author(s): Zoe Archer, Amber Dawn Bell, Gerri Bowen, Candace Gold

The highly anticipated No Law Against Love 2 follows on the heels of
its predecessor with seven delightful stories of how antiquated laws
can be the catalyst for romance.
California . . . be careful how you clean your car.
England . . . your handful of a cat could land you in much more danger
than a dungeon.
Wyoming . . . sex in a walk-in meat freezer? Bet you never thought of it before!
New York . . . skimpy clothing’s merely a way to cool down? Not even close!
Arkansas . . . it may be your bathtub, but just wait to find out what
you can’t keep in it.
Great Britain . . . son, go do your homework – oops, make that your
longbow practice.
Alabama . . . everybody loves fountains, but be careful what you do to them.

I’m sure you’ve heard about some of those silly laws, right? Well,
this anthology shows us that sometimes those silly laws can bring just
the right people together.
Buon Anno - Zoe Archer – In California you need to be careful how you
clean your car. At least this is what Marcus finds out after he
catches Bianca writing on his car with her lipstick. All a big
misunderstanding, but, well the road to true love can be dodgy at
Purrfect Companion - Amber Dawn Bell – We are now in England, 1715 and
Angelique has been arrested because her cat Lancelot has had intimate
relations with a royal cat. The King decides to put her under the
guard of Damien. But she may be in even more danger.
Ice Capade - Candace Gold – In Wyoming it is unlawful to have sex in a
walk-in freezer as Jake and MaryAnn find out while hiding from some
unsavoury characters and needing to get warm.
Street Manners - Patty Howell – Lisa didn’t know it was against the
law to ride her bike in skimpy clothes until she is pulled over by a
cop one day. But the cop has an ulterior motive.
That’s A Croc - Kimberly Ivey – Eden’s got a shop to clean up, a
sheriff hitting on her and a hunk of a contractor who has come to give
her an estimate on the damage. Then, the stupid sheriff arrests her
for putting crocodiles in her bath.
Something Wild - Gerri Bowen – All males over the age of fourteen must
practice the longbow under the tutelage of the local clergy. But the
law is being enforced to force Madeline to marry. Then a man from her
past shows up.
The Lawyer and the Amazon - Lee Roland – Tucker meets the woman of his
dreams handcuffed in a police station. She’s caused harm to a
fountain, and that’s just against the law.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9818550-0-4
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/01/2008

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