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Author(s): Aleka Nakis

Samantha Law is a beautiful and successful travel writer spending a
lonely sunset at the top of the Empire State Building on Christmas
Eve. The handsome and influential Italian of her heart, Marco Tamburi,
is near. Responsibilities and fear of a love too great to control have
kept them apart for two decades, but once these issues are addressed,
there is no denying their love. Will they choose a different path the
second time around and love each other for a lifetime of forever,
Stopping by the fort on the western part of the park, Gio turned to
look at Marco. Marco nodded and stood. "Come bella. Let us walk a
Taking his hand, she stood and stepped off the wooden platform.
Walking along the lit path in the still darkness of the park
intensified her desire to fill her world with him. He'd proposed in
this spot. And this was where she'd told him it wouldn't work. So why
were they here?
Amanda turned and raised her eyes to find him watching her. He stopped
and pulled her against him. Placing a finger on her chin, Marco tilted
her face up, and slowly kissed her temples, searing a path across her
forehead, then down her nose, before finding her lips.
Marco's lips burned with anticipation as he sought entrance to her
warm mouth. When she opened to welcome him, he delved deep with the
hunger of a starved man. He wanted to taste her sweetness, to feel her
softness under his hands, and to let her scent surround him.
Marco ran his lips along the length of her neck, nipping at tender
skin at the top of her blouse leaving his mark there. Feeling like a
teenager who couldn't control his hormones, his hands sought the curve
of her breast under her coat, and his breath hitched when his fingers
felt her taught nipple over the silk of her blouse.
She didn't protest. Amanda's fingers sprawled into his hair. Her eyes
closed and her head fell back exposing more skin, and presenting the
most enticing picture he'd ever seen. She arched closer, causing him
to close his own eyes and pray for some physical control.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9787139-1-5
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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