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Southern Fried Trouble

Author(s): Katherine Deauxville

Adultery, divorce, murder . . . why did Deecey Hannaford let her twin
brother, Ace, embroil her yet again in his off-again/on-again private
investigator business? As an aspiring actress, she couldn’t keep
placing herself at risk in his ridiculous capers.
Their father, a Florida state senator, was driving them both nuts . .
. Ace trying to win his approval, Deecey trying to break away from his
manipulative tactics.
Throw in handsome Deputy Troy Whitfield . . . can Troy and Deecey’s
relationship last—or will events forever tear them apart?
Yet Deecey once again succumbs to Ace’s pleas to help with a
case—complete with gypsies! Will this be the case that puts both her
and Ace’s lives at risk?

She needed to get away from the giant in the bulging Speedo. If they
continued to do judo steps by the side of the pool, either the
lifeguard would finally show up or a security guard. Or Ace, down by
the fence, would decide to climb over it to come and find her.
“Let GO of me,” Deecey told him, giving him a push.
They were right at the edge. The blond giant lost his balance and fell
backward, hitting the water’s surface with a loud smack.
Deecey expected him to come up, swim to the side of the pool, and
climb out. But to her surprise, nothing happened.
Run, her inner voice warned her. Don’t worry about it.
She was poised to do just that, aware that Ace was probably ready to
scale the chain link fence and come to her rescue. But why, she
wondered somewhat frantically, didn’t the blond hunk in the Speedo
come to the surface?
She took two steps forward and looked down into the azure water. Her
heartbeat quickened in alarm.
Mr. Speedo had sunk to the bottom, arms spread, blond hair floating
out from his head like a halo. He’s drunk, Deecey thought, he’s going
to drown. Her second thought was, He’s not just drunk! He can’t swim!
She knew she had to get away. She looked around for the lifeguard,
even looked to the row of cabanas, although no help there—none of the
occupants of the Sensuous Suites would show their faces.
At the bottom of the swimming pool the man in the Speedo made helpless
waving gestures in the aquamarine water.
“Oh, damn!” She couldn’t just stand there and let a person drown
before her eyes. Even a drunk at a sex resort.
With a sigh, she dropped the beach bag onto the concrete apron of the
pool. Then she straightened, put her arms over her head, and dove in.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9815573-5-9
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 01/01/2008

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