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The Christmas Store

Author(s): Ann Marie Bradley

Aine Ross makes a very special wish after seeing her marriage hopes
shattered. Aine is reluctant to trust in love again but Mr. and Mrs.
Claus reassure her that CHRISTMAS WISHES come true at "The Christmas
Store" if only she will believe.
Ann Marie Bradley's spectacular skill at creating ambiance is fully
demonstrated in "The Christmas Store." Whether the backdrop is a
wintry scene with Mr. and Mrs. Clause or the warmth of Hawaii, Ms.
Bradley excels at crafting just the right atmosphere to match her
particular characters and storyline. Readers will cherish this
hauntingly sweet tale.
Jerald's arm slipped around her shoulders and he pulled her closer.
Her pulse quickened.
His lips brushed hers. "I've wanted to do that all evening."
Aine tried to throttle the dizzying current racing through her. She'd
just met this man. What was he doing? What was she doing? Something
about him drew her like a magnet. The garden's magic? Perhaps it was
nothing more than the plant leaves swaying gently in the warm breeze
or the soothing sounds of the surf a few feet away caressing the
beach, but a magical, mesmerizing feeling overcame her and she melted
into him, wanting more. Her lips parted.
"Hey, there's no mistletoe out here." The little girl's voice broke
the spell and Aine and Jerald parted.
"Emmi, what are you doing out here?" Jerald scolded his niece.
"Daddy said for you to come back to the party with our guest of
honor." She ran back down the path toward the house.
Aine started to follow, but Jerald pulled her back. His hands slipped
up her bare arms, bringing her closer. His touch sent a warm shiver
through her. Reclaiming her lips, he crushed her to him.
Her breath caught and her knees turned to jelly, but she pushed him
away. "Your family is waiting for us." She gathered up the picnic
"Mama Lu won't mind if we stay here." He reached for the basket.
She shoved his hand away. "Jerald Garrison, if you think I'm going to
stay in the garden necking when your whole family is not ten feet
away, you've got another think coming."
He cleared his throat. "So, if the family wasn't so close, you'd stay
and neck?"

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-1-8
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2006
Publisher: Highland Press

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