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The Christmas Wish

Author(s): Rebecca Andrews

The poignant story of six year old Kevin O'Connor's wish for a mom.
His supermodel mom has died, and his father, Ryan, is stunned when
they see Holly St. Nick and she is the spitting image of Kevin's mom.
Will "The Christmas Wish" of Kevin come true this year?
Rebecca Andrews has a winner with "The Christmas Wish!" This
beautifully written story is sure to leave readers reaching for the
Kleenex.Kevin's firm belief in Santa granting his wish makes this
story work as Ms. Andrews does a phenomenal job with character
development. This sweet romance is perfect for the holiday season.
"Where's Abby?"
"She spent the night with a girlfriend from school. She'll be home
later tonight."
Ryan's brows rose and his voice dipped seductively. "So it's only you
and me, huh? Want to get out of here and have some real adult
"Why, Mr. Connor, are you reneging? I believe you promised to teach me
to ice skate."
Ryan smiled. "Ice skating, it is then."
Although she'd seen snow and ice, she'd never skated before. She
shivered in anticipation. After all, it was December in New York and
she'd watched figure skating competitions on the telly before. But
she'd never strapped a pair of thin blades to her feet and attempted
to stand on them. She had to be honest with herselfit wasn't just the
excitement of ice skating. Casting a sideways look at Ryan, her heart
fluttered. For the first time, she and Ryan would be spending time
Sitting on the bench next to him, she laced up her skates and glanced
up to observe the skaters. Beginners were easily spotted, they hugged
along the edge. More experienced skaters moved along at a nice pace
enjoying themselves. And in the center, seasoned skaters spun, twirled
and jumped with perfect balance and a grace she envied.
"Nervous?" Ryan asked.
"Nah, looks simple enough, right? You center your body weight on these
two thin blades here and try not to bust your bum."
Ryan threw back his head and laughed. "That would be about right." He
stood and held out his hand. "I promise not to let you 'bust your
At the edge of the ice, Ryan pulled her close and lowered his mouth to
her ear. "It's kind of like making love for the first timea little
awkward until you get lost in the sensations."

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-1-8
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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