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The Way Home

Author(s): Rebecca Andrews

Two wounded souls on a road going nowhere. When their vehicles crash, their lives are forever changed.  But…can they break down the walls each has constructed around their hearts—like Brody had to break into Abby's car to save her—or are some wounds just too deep to heal? 


"You can have any tree you want. Just remember out here they all look small, so choose carefully. I don't want to have to come back up here and cut another one." 

While Abby walked among the trees searching for the right one, Brody scooped up a handful of snow and shaped it into a ball. When she stopped, he let the ball fly. It soared over her head and into the tree. The branches were heavy laden with wet snow, the impact of the small ball was just enough. 

"You missed." She laughed, as a clump of snow fell from the tree and hit her on the head. Higher up, more snow started to fall, picking up more with each branch creating an avalanche effect. Before he could shout a warning, she looked up. Hard laughter bubbled up at the look on her face as snow covered her head and shoulders. 

His laughter died when she removed her coat and shook out the snow. The thermal shirt she wore hugged her breasts, breasts that were full and free. Breasts he'd had his hand on earlier. He forced himself to stand there and not move for fear of doing something really stupid as she tugged at the bottom of her shirt, working the rest of the snow out. 

With a shiver she rubbed her arms, but not before he saw the rigid peaks of her hardened nipples pressed against the now damp material. What a fool he'd been for thinking this was a good idea.

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ISBN (Print): 978-0-9800356-1-2
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2007

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