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Black Male

Author(s): Evelynne Fox

Blackmailed by a human.

And it had to be a human, because no one else would be so stupid. It seemed impossible and yet the three pictures that came with the letter clearly came from someone truly ignorant to what Alexander Kohler was or what he was capable of. Evidently his years with a blood source and his Cajun lover had made him soft as a mercenary vampire.

But after 30 days without blood and losing his lover, he was feeling just a little cranky.

Jack is working as a freelance photographer and barely scraping by, when he stumbles on a murder scene. He doesnt know the black male dumping gasoline on the body or why he would want to hide the evidence of a murder, but he does know this man will pay a lot of money to get the pictures back. This could be the opportunity of a lifetimeor the chance to get himself killed.


Copyright 2010

Chapter One

On Halloween night Jack Taylor expected to find really good pictures for the local gossip rag. A celebrity getting drunk, or a kid too nave to know what they were wearing would be torn apart by every fashionista in this side of the known world.

He'd found himself a table on the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay Restaurant giving him a great view of the outside diners and three streets that intersected below.

Two of the streets were busy, but the third was more of an alleyway. The walls of the buildings were close together and only left room for one car to pass when anyone was parked back there. Restaurant clients seemed to think it was meant to be a great parking spot. Ugh. Who was dumb enough to park in a dark alley on Halloween night? It looked like several hundred people had come up with the same brilliant idea.

Something in the alley caught Jack's attention. A movement in the shadows, but the harder he stared, the less he could see. There was a little too much light on the rooftop where he was sitting. He began to see stars from searching the shadows.

A large black male stepped silently from the shadows. He wore a long black leather jacket and black brimmed hat. The hat made him look like a detective in an old black and white movie and the jacket made him look like he was on his way to a shootout at the O.K. Corral. The man was moving slowly, careful to merge with the shadows. Not wanting to be seen was something that always caught Jacks attention. It could be someone that would garner some attention if he could identify the person. The internet made his job a lot easier. He picked up his ancient, reliable 35mm camera and twisted a telephoto lens into place and removed the cover.

"Look up," Jack urged under his breath. The man's hat hid much of his face, but there was something about him. Jack ached to see the stranger's face. He had a feeling the man would be extremely handsome. He could see the man's hands and his skin matched dark chocolate.

Jack suddenly had a deep hunger for dark chocolate.
He swore he wasn't into men, but every once in a while he wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man. Especially a black man. A man would understand his needs, his desires as no one else could. The man moving silently and gracefully through the alley would do nicely for his first experiment into gay sex.

The sensuality of his movements made Jack think of satin sheets, brocade pillows, big cocks and all night sex.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4523-3694-7
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 09/21/2010
Publisher: Hot Tropica Books

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