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Thor's Hammer

Author(s): Missy Lyons

In this erotic adventure, the legendary viking God Thor loses his hammer to a seductive siren who spends the night with him. Without his hammer, he risked losing his powers, and the entire planet could be subject to absolute chaos. With the help of his friend Loki, he goes in disguise to his enemies home to retrieve it but he never expected to find a harem...


Thors Hammer
Chapter One

Men and Gods alike had grown lax with the passage of time. Centuries had passed and in the age of modern man, people paid more attention to their computers and their cell phones than the fairy tales they were told as children. Or at least men thought they were only fairy tales.

The sad fact was the stories were all true. The Gods had not died, just because people stopped believing. The power of Gods was still envied by a few but no longer worshipped by the masses. Even the few that still believed, no longer lived in fear of theGods.

Thor was arrogant and cocky enough to ignore that nights warning, a crimson moon. Thor was up to his usual tricks, and carried on as he would normally. The God spent his life living up to his reputation as the playboy of the Viking Gods. Time had not changed his lusty bad boy behavior. Who was he to turn down pleasures of the flesh?

Especially when women threw themselves at him. What woman wouldnt throw themselves at the red-haired giant? Too powerful to be mistaken as a man, he was a giant among men towering over them, thick and powerful muscles contoured his lean hard body. His mere presence was formidable, intimidating most men, and melting most women at the knees. Thor had an air about him that was commanding. Men listened when he spoke and women flocked to his irresistible charm.

Tonight he had his lover wrapped in his arms, an arm thrown possessively over her breast and her blonde hair tickling his chest. Normally he had several lovers but tonight he had chosen to take only one.

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Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Hot Tropica Books

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