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How I Met My Lover

Author(s): Vanessa Devereaux

 The last thing Emily expected to do when she returned to Seattle was run into her old school buddy, Mia. Mia was always quite the girl so Emily isn’t too surprised to hear she’s an escort. Against Emily's better judgment, she decides to give it a try and meets the man of her dreams.

Matt’s been a career bachelor and a tough undercover cop, so you’d think posing as a client for an escort would be a piece of cake. What he didn’t count on was Emily opening the door to both him and his heart.


      Oh god, this was it. The charade was finito. She'd know he was really a cop and not a client. Normally cops got scared for their safety when their covers were blown, but right now all he could think about was the effect it would have on her knowing she'd been played. Would she be hurt, offended that he'd just wanted her, invited her here tonight, and cooked for her because he needed information about her boss? But that wasn't the reason he was doing it. He realized that now, but would she believe him?


      “So you want to stay in these things or what?”


      Her question jarred him back to the reality of this pathetic situation. He knew where the keys were. In his jacket pocket. The same jacket pocket that housed his badge. There was no way she wouldn't see it if he told her where to look.


      Mia put her hand up under his t-shirt and began tickling his armpit.


      “Hey, stop that,” he said, trying to dodge away from her hand.


      “Someone is ticklish,” she said, rubbing her nose on his.


      Yeah, he was, and he'd never realized it before. And oh, it was turning him on so much he was getting hard again.


      Think, think, think…


      “The keys are in my left jacket pocket, but you're going to find something else in there, and I don't want you jumping to conclusions when you see it, okay? Just go get the keys and come back here, and we'll talk.”


      “Not sure if this sounds serious or fun,” she said. “I'll be right back.” She jumped off the bed like a child heading out to find one more gift to be unwrapped on Christmas morning.


      Matt closed his eyes. He liked her, he liked her a lot, and she was probably going to slap his face, but he'd deserve it. He'd really expected her to be a hard-nosed business woman, even borderline bitch, but she was just a sweet young lady he loved spending time with.


      He tried to pull himself up farther on the bed because his arms and shoulders were beginning to ache now. At least his erection was subsiding, which was a good thing because once she found the badge she wouldn't want to make love with him ever again.


      Making love. He'd called it making love and not sex. For fuck's sake, she'd turned him into a romantic. Him, Mr. Terminal Bachelor, who only wanted to be married to one thing, his career.


      He heard her heading back to the bedroom and set his head back on the pillow, prepared to see her crying maybe, pissed as hell at him tricking her like this.


      “You naughty boy,” she said.


      He opened his eyes. She held the keys in one hand and his badge in the other.


      “I can explain, really I can,” said Matt.


      She sat on the bed. “No need to be embarrassed, really there isn't,” she said as she unlocked the cuffs. He took them off and rubbed his wrists. He hadn't realized just how much these things bit into your skin. Of course, the people he cuffed weren't tied to headboards.


      “I can --- ”


      She put her fingers over his lips. “You've already said that, and there's no need to. I mean, if this is your fantasy, the cuffs, the pretend police badge, I don't see a problem with it. Even my parents role-played one time. Dad was a pilot, mom a stewardess. You should have told me this is what you wanted to do tonight.”


      He didn't know whether to laugh or what. Yeah, she'd probably had her fair share of guys wanting to do weird stuff with her, so this was all second nature to her. He shouldn't be too worried about it, yet he was. What she thought about him really mattered now.


      “So were you going to arrest me or what?” she put his badge on his chest and nestled into him.


      “Would you like that?” he asked. He kissed the top of her head, not realizing until right now just how wonderful her hair smelled, like light rainfall after a dry spell.


      “Depends on what you would have done to me. Were you going to frisk me or strip search me maybe?”


      Shit, none of that had ever sounded this erotic before. His cock was enjoying it too, and right now it was at half mast on its way to full.


      “You want me to frisk you?” he asked, rolling over and grabbing her around the waist. He kissed her neck.


      “What's my offense?” she asked, rubbing his forearms.


      “You're a bad girl who's given me one too many erections.”


      “Wow, sounds like I'll get a life sentence for that.”


      “You want me to search you?”


      “Oh yeah, officer.”


      He flipped her on her back and kissed her as he patted his hands down her breasts and tummy, dipping into her pubic hair and then further into the curls until he found her clit, throbbing and warm. She murmured when he circled it.


      “So what's in here?” he asked.


      Mia giggled as he slid his finger into her pussy.


      “Find anything?” she asked.


      “Oh yeah, here's the guilty party. This is the cause of all my erections.”


      “So what you going to do about it, officer?”


      “I think you know.”


      He rubbed his nose on hers as he plunged his finger in and out of her.


      She lifted her head back, chin high up in the air. “This is an awful punishment. I should complain to your superiors about it.”


      Matt licked her neck as his finger twisted, turned, slipped deeper, and, as her pussy gripped him, he felt her shake and tremble. She was so pretty when she came.






      “I think you should do that again, but this time with your cock.”


      Oh yeah, he was blushing again.

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Genre: Suspense
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Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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