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How Not to Date a Bear, Too (Part Two)

Author(s): Stephanie Burke

Richard Bear, Royal Canadian Mountie, never expected to find true love in a bar. But he's pretty sure Theo is just that. Everything feels just right between them -- until a cougar shifter insists Theo isn't Richard's true mate, but belongs to her, instead. In a race against time to save Theo's son Mow from the unbalanced woman, who will come out on top?


How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Part Two)
Stephanie Burke
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Stephanie Burke

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Richard took the boy's small yet so much stronger hand in his. "Shifters belong on Mother Earth, as do all of her creations."

"That's nice." Mow gripped Richard's hand firmly before letting go. "Really nice, Richard. I like that legend. It is the first one of the People that I have learned. Will you teach me more?"

"I --" Richard looked at Theo who again nodded. "Yes. I will teach you the legends of my people, Mow. You have but only to ask."

"Goo -- ood," he said around another yawn. "I'm tired, Otetz. I will sleep and be with you tomorrow. Spokoynoy nochi."

"Spokoynoy nochi, Mow." Theo leaned in and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Good night."

"Spokoynoy nochi, Richard." He turned his head to look up into Richard's enchanted face.

"Kawapimitin, my little one." He spoke softly in Cree as he rose to his feet. "I'll see you."

Richard walked out of the room as Theo climbed from the bed. He paused as his son reached out for his hand. "Mow?"

"I like him, Papa." Mow yawned again. "Let's take him to the park with us."

"I will ask." Theo smiled, placing another kiss on his cub's forehead. "Sleep well, Mow."

But his son had already turned on his side, snuggling into his covers, sleeping the deep sleep as only the very young and those who felt very safe could do. Theo couldn't remember the last time he slept like that but he had a feeling that, in Richard's arms, he might achieve that state.

He exited the room and made his way down the stairs, his nose telling him exactly where Richard was. The man was standing in his living room beside the huge fireplace, looking at the photos of him and Mow along with Declan and Gillian and a few other scattered shifters.

"He's very bright," he said as he turned to face him. "And adorable."

"He's my son," Theo chuckled, reaching out to pick up a photo of Mow in a bear-shaped sleeper, a gift from Declan. "His brain and his ability to use it is kind of a family trait."

"A nice one to have." Richard stepped up behind Theo and wrapped him up in his arms. Theo sighed and leaned back, relishing the feel of his lover so close to his body. "He's like you in miniature."

"He's the best thing I ever made," Theo admitted, placing the photo back and turning in his lover's arms. "And he likes you."

"The feeling is mutual." Richard lowered his head and took Theo's mouth in a gentle kiss, the press of his lips against Theo's drawing a sigh from the shifter.

Before things could get too intense, Richard pulled back and offered Theo a smile. "I've got to go before I throw you on the couch and have you there."

"Not a good idea with Mow in the house." Theo chuckled, patting Richard on the face, brushing his frown away. "Buck up. I'm taking Mow to Asessippi Provincial Park tomorrow, and he wants you to go as well."

"Just Mow?"

"Well, I could use some adult conversation," Theo purred, leaning in and nipping Richard's lip. "So how about it?"

"I have an errand to run and then I will meet you there," he agreed. "What time?"

"I try to get there before eleven so Mow can play with the radio-controlled planes early before the crowds arrive. So any time after then."


"I'll bring food," Theo whispered, invading Richard's personal space. "He's a growing cub."

"What can I bring?" Richard asked, slipping his hands into Theo's back pockets and hugging the man to his chest.

"Yourself," Theo purred into the embrace, sniffing at Richard's neck, biting down on an exposed bit of skin, marking him, he supposed. His bear was quite adamant about wanting this human, and on that they agreed. "Mow really likes you."

"I really like him. That kid is --" Richard shook his head. "It's hard to define him. He's special, one of a kind."

"That's what I always thought." Theo laughed. "But then again, I'm biased."

"That just proves you have great instincts." Richard nodded. "And he comes from some very fine stock."

"Flatterer." Theo reached out to grip Richard's hair and pull him down for a kiss.

"I speak the truth." Richard moaned into the kiss, his fingers tightening on Theo's ass for a moment before the smaller man pulled back.


"I'll be there," Richard promised. "And now I gotta leave or I'll make good on that couch threat."

"Behave, constable." Theo laughed as Richard placed one more kiss on his lips before heading toward the door.

"Until we are alone," Richard answered, swatting Theo on the ass before walking out the door.

"Until tomorrow." Theo watched with longing as his lover exited the house. Lover. Richard was going to be his lover. He wanted to dance and sing. He was getting something he really wanted and Mow was in complete agreement. Feeling light in his heart, Theo made his way to his room to shower and then go to bed.

His future was suddenly looking so much brighter that it was before. Damn, he was going to have a lover of his own

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