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Moonlit Protector

Moonlit Novella #3

Author(s): Crystal-Rain Love

 Tyler left his pack for the quiet town of Stix, no longer able to live under the pack leader's rule. He just wanted somewhere to relax and not worry about anything. It worked out well until a storm blew trouble right into his lap.

Kyra fled her abusive boyfriend, but when her borrowed vehicle runs out of gas in the worst town she could find herself in, she comes across Tyler. 

Fate has brought the two together for a reason, but before they are able to join together as fate intended, they must survive the men Kyra's ex has sent after her with one specific mission: Capture Kyra ... or kill her and the man protecting her.


 Kyra groaned as she finally got the unconscious man into the queen sized bed taking up the majority of the cabin’s living space. She rotated her shoulders and tried her best to work the kinks out of her body as she surveyed the home.
It’d been the first structure she’d seen and the fact that Tyler’s key had fit the lock told her it was his.  That was the easy part. Lugging the six-footer into the house, or dragging him, had been anything but easy. Body parts formerly crying in pain were now screaming and writhing.
Two nightstands sandwiched the bed, each adorned with lamps which she didn’t bother to turn on. The right inner wall of the cabin housed several rows of built-in bookshelves surrounding a stone fireplace. A black leather couch rested before a large window, which was hidden behind long drapes with some sort of brown, tan, and black geometric design. A wooden coffee table sat before the couch. The left side of the cabin featured a full kitchen, a small round Oak dining set, and a door she prayed led to a bathroom with hot, running water.
Before she could soothe her own aches and pains, she had a patient to care for. Her lips twisted into a grin. As if she had the credentials to treat a patient. Hell, she didn’t even know what species this patient was. She could barely believe she was still within a hundred yards of him after what she’d seen him do.
Still, he had saved her life, and she’d stopped pretending this was a dream. This was very real and she had no car of her own now and no idea if the thugs sent by Rock were dead or alive. If Tyler hadn’t killed them, they’d still be coming for her. After what had happened in the bar parking lot, the police might be after them both. Judging by the reception she’d received at the bar, she didn’t have a prayer if the county cops got her alone. It was best she stay with the one man who’d shown her kindness, even if he was a … a werewolf?
“What have I gotten myself into?” She looked down at the man lying face up on the bed, his feet hanging off. Logic said to run, but instinct said he’d protect her from any danger coming her way. He already had.
What the hell. He wasn’t any more of a monster than Rock. She tugged the dirty Timberlands from his feet and maneuvered his legs into the bed before unfolding an afghan from the foot of the bed and covering him to his waist with it.
He was still out of it, but his chest rose and fell evenly. He was alive. His shirt was marred with crusted blood and a ragged hole. Gently, she unbuttoned it and pulled the fabric aside. His chest was perfect, and not just the rock-hard abs and pecs she couldn’t help but notice. It was perfectly undamaged.
“Molesting me already?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): B00CBIS9FC
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 10/25/2013
Publisher: Crystal-Rain Love

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Book Format: .ePub

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