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Dirty Little Lies

Book 2, Sturdy Accountant series

Author(s): Eva Lefoy

The story of Contessa and Alyce continues in Dirty Little Lies...
After moving in with Alyce, Contessa’s past catches up with her. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, her first instinct is to run even if it takes her away from the woman she loves. When Alyce confronts her and begs her to stay, she must learn to trust her lover or risk losing Alyce forever.
Alyce can’t say she’s too surprised Contessa has secrets – after all she never believed this beautiful woman was meant to be a stripper anyway. But can she get Contessa off the hook for past crimes, or will a nice long prison sentence come between them? And will Contessa’s big secret push them apart or pull them closer together?


Alyce peeled off the thong. “Now take your blouse off.”

She pulled the silken fabric over her head and tossed the garment on the floor. She didn’t care if the blouse was white and would get dirty.

Alyce dropped to her knees and pressed her mouth to the rise of Contessa’s mound.

The heat of her lover’s lips scorched. Made her already aroused clit throb, dangling on the precipice between pain and ecstasy. “Please, Alyce.” She grabbed the back of Alyce’s head and pressed her mouth closer. “God, I need you.”

In response, Alyce swirled her tongue around the hardened nubbin before pressing her open mouth against her. She flicked her tongue back and forth faster and faster while her lips massaged her labia.

“Yes!” Contessa grabbed Alyce’s short-cropped hair and thrust herself harder against that wonderful mouth. The orgasm she’d needed all morning cracked wide open, splitting her apart. She screamed and surrendered, her pussy gushing in ecstasy over the firm touch of Alyce’s glorious tongue.

Alyce pressed a second finger inside her, and Contessa moaned in approval. A second climax built quickly, taking her breath away with its urgency. She hadn’t realized how badly she needed this.

Alyce scissored her fingers and thrust them deeper, pursing her lips to suck on Contessa’s swollen clit. Curling her fingers in Alyce’s hair, she rocked her hips and located the perfect spot. Her clit came undone under Alyce’s tongue and her walls closed hard around her fingers. Strong spasms rippled up her core. Head tossed back, legs spread wide and shaking, she let out long high-pitched cries one after the other.

When she finished, Alyce pulled her mouth away and stood. “Show me your breasts.”

Panting, her hands trembling, she nevertheless obeyed. She secretly thrilled at Alyce’s authority. Too dizzy to reach the clasp behind her, she pulled her shoulder straps down and pushed the bra below her breasts. Her firm aching nipples pointed at the ceiling.

“Goddess, you’re beautiful.”

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Publisher: Eva Lefoy

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