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Fools Gold

Author(s): Jennifer Skully, Jasmine Haynes

If you’re a fan of contemporary romance by Bella Andre, Susan Andersen, Rachel Gibson, Jennifer Crusie, and Janet Evanovich, then step into the world of Jennifer Skully!
You met Sheriff Tyler Braxton in “She’s Gotta Be Mine.” Now he’s back with his own tale in “Fool’s Gold.”
Goldstone, Nevada: It’s not your typical vacation getaway.
Sheriff Tyler Braxton hightails it out of Cottonmouth to Goldstone for a little R&R, when his sister puts out a distress call.  Suddenly, instead of vacationing, Brax is offering advice to the lovelorn! And to top it off, he has to start his own investigation on his sister’s behalf: Is his brother-in-law having an affair with the local erotic author?
Simone Chandler has found her haven in Goldstone; she loves the forsaken town and its lovable but somewhat beleaguered residents.  With a thriving Internet business penning made-to-order erotic fantasies, some of her friends in Goldstone just happen to be her clients, too.  The problem: The hunky sheriff from out of town wonders if she’s not only writing stories for his brother-in-law, but acting them out with him, too.
Then murder comes to Goldstone, and Brax is suddenly hip-deep in small-town secrets, with sexy Simone Chandler at the head his suspect list.
Is Simone the real thing, or, as with everything else in Goldstone, is she more like Fool’s Gold?
“Fool’s Gold”, previously published in 2005, is a contemporary romance of approximately 100,000 words.
The book contains the following bonus material:
Excerpts from “Somebody’s Lover”, “Invitation to Seduction”, and “Revenge, West Coast Book 1.”
Road to Romance Reviews: “Fool’s Gold is worth its weight in gold and more.”
Romance Reviews Today:“Jennifer Skully combines humor, mystery, hot sex, fascinating characters, and annoying relatives into one winning book.”
Romance Junkies: “A great book with an awesome plot that readers are sure to enjoy.”


Slapping her books closed, the woman piled them up and hugged the stack to her chest. Climbing down from her stool to land on spike-heeled shoes, she pivoted and headed straight for their table.
Brax lost his voice. Hell, he might have lost his mind. She moved with the graceful glide of a runway model. A short jean skirt showcased her bare legs, and a white T-shirt highlighted her tanned skin. Gorgeous hair spread over her shoulders, bouncing with a riot of curls.
She stopped close enough for him to draw in her light perfume. Subtle, yet intoxicating.
Sliding into the chair beside Carl, she plopped the pile of reading material onto the table. “Did you get my email?”
Red seeped into Carl’s face, spread across his cheeks, and rose to his receding hairline.
Glancing first at Brax, she touched Carl’s rigid arm. “Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friend.”
Carl could do nothing more than nod his forgiveness. Any man would forgive her everything when she smiled like that.
She gave Carl’s forearm another soothing pat. “Are you all right? You look a little flushed. Mr. Doodle,” she called. “I think Carl needs a glass of water.”
A mason jar filled with ice and water miraculously appeared at her elbow. She pushed it to Carl and curled his fingers around the glass.
Though his delivery was made, the bartender didn’t leave the side of the table. “Did ya figure out a witty euphemism for tallywhacker, Simone?”
Simone, a very classy name. But a euphemism for tallywhacker? Brax wouldn’t touch that one with a ten-foot pole.
A slight blush colored her flawless cheekbones. “Why no, Mr. Doodle, I didn’t,” she said, then politely added, “But thank you for being concerned.”
“I call it the Doodle,” the bartender continued. “I ask Mrs. Doodle if she wants to be diddled by the Doodle.” He cackled. “Works every time.”
Simone smiled. “Well, that’s wonderful, Mr. Doodle, but I think our conversation is further embarrassing Carl and his friend. My mother would be horrified. She always says a lady never talks about”—she nipped her lower lip—“um...about tallywhackers in mixed company.” She glanced at Brax. “Especially when we haven’t been formally introduced.”
Lush eyelashes framed her hazel eyes, and her nose tilted endearingly, but it was her smile that damn near knocked a man’s socks off. Sweet and genuine, it was the same one she’d given Whitey as she praised him.
“I’ll introduce ya,” Doodle announced. “This is the brother-in-law we’ve all heard about.” He tapped Brax’s shoulder. “Sorry, son, I forgot your name.”
“Tyler Braxton.” He stuck out his hand. “But everyone calls me Brax.”
She shook it with a firm grip of soft, warm flesh.
Leaning closer, she said softly, “Mr. Doodle didn’t mean to embarrass you. He’s really a sweet old pussycat.”
“Oooh, she called me sweet,” Doodle cooed. “I think I’m gonna faint.” Then he waggled his bushy white eyebrows. “Now that you’ve been introduced, can we ask him what he calls his tallywhacker?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781626030312
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/09/2013
Publisher: Jasmine Haynes

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