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Open Invitation: 3-book Bundle

3-book Bundle

Author(s): Jasmine Haynes

From NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jasmine Haynes, find enclosed your invitation to The Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire...
This 3-Book Bundle includes the following books in the Open Invitation series:
Debbie has learned the hard way that she isn't desirable. So when she flirts with a man at The Club, she gets more than she’s ever dreamed, and the game she plays soon turns to obsession for the fire in one man’s touch. Stephen wants far more from Debbie than a few nights of seduction, but can he make her believe in forever?
Virginia sees herself as a three-time loser in marriage, so, for her fourth trip down the aisle, she chooses stability and companionship. And it’s working. Until she begins craving seduction from her new husband. When Brett uncovers the hidden wanton beneath Virginia’s elegant business suits, he plans on sending his wife an invitation to pleasure she simply can’t refuse.
Stacy Parrish surrounds herself with virile young men; she enjoys tutoring them in the erotic arts. The last thing she wants is a monogamous relationship. But when Judson McCord, owner of The Sex Club, issues a sexual challenge, Stacy can’t resist. In a battle of wills, the stakes are upped each time they’re together, but can Jud provide the passion that will make Stacy exclusively his?
Open Invitation 3-Book Bundle is a contemporary romance of approximately 100,000 words.
These stories were previously published in 2006 in the anthology “Open Invitation” by Jasmine Haynes.
The book contains the following bonus material:
Excerpts from Somebody’s Lover, Revenge, and She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jasmine’s alter ego, Jennifer Skully
This book contains content intended for readers over the age of 18
“An erotic, emotional adventure of discovery you don’t want to miss.” Lora Leigh, New York Times bestselling author
“Super sexy...” Bella Andre, author of The Sullivans series
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jasmine Haynes for another sizzling, breath-stealing book. Go out and pick up your own Open Invitation, you won’t be disappointed!” 2006 Reviewers Choice Award, Single Title Reviews
“Super hot couples, rousing sex scenes and is extremely stimulating from the first page to the last! Of course, that means that I loved it!” 2006 Reviewers’ Top Pick! Romance Reader At Heart Reviews
“Ms. Haynes has written a sex tome full of every girl’s fantasies all wrapped up in her very pretty prose. I absolutely loved the invitations.” Coffee Time Romance


“It’s a veritable mansion.” Virginia, seated in the backseat, rolled down her window. For the outing, she’d worn a peach silk suit, the skirt covering her to her knees. Next to Stacy, and Debbie in her sexy borrowed skirt and blouse, Virginia looked like a maiden aunt. Yet this place had been her choice, though Debbie thought The Sex Club was way out of character for Virginia.
Set amid a grove of eucalyptus at the end of a long, sloping drive, with the moon providing the only illumination, the house looked like something out of a Vincent Price movie. A hulking behemoth over three stories high, with dormer windows at presumably the attic level. No lights filled any of the windows. No valet parking attendants swarmed about the wide stone porch. Not a single living soul moved, not even a curtain flickered.
“It’s so quiet,” Virginia said, “it’s almost creepy.”
Stacy huffed. “It’s private. And exclusive. What did you expect, floodlights and a marching band?”
Debbie didn’t find the mansion creepy. Excitement rippled through her at the sight of it. The Sex Club’s mystery made her blood pump faster and her nipples harden. Moisture gathered between her thighs. The darkness beckoned, promised secrecy, seduction, and fantasy fulfillment. Just fantasy, she didn’t have to do anything. Observe, pretend for a little while. Jaywalk over to the wild side for a night. The clingy black top and skirt Stacy had loaned her, the high heels and stockings with garter belt, even the truly outrageous shade of vermillion Stacy had painted on her nails, all fit her blossoming mood. She’d walked out of her home with the promise to herself that something spectacular was going to happen. Something that would make her feel alive. This was a night for magic and a house that invited it.
Some gorgeous man was going to seduce her with nothing more than a look. Of course, she wouldn’t act on it, but she would believe, for one night, that she was gorgeous, sexy, and desirable. She wanted to add to her store of fantasies that could be put to good use when she was going mad for an orgasm.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-62603-040-4
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 08/15/2014
Publisher: Jasmine Haynes

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