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She's Gotta Be Mine, Cottonmouth Book 1

A Cottonmouth Book

Author(s): Jennifer Skully

If you’re a fan of Bella Andre, Susan Andersen, Rachel Gibson, Jennifer Crusie, and Janet Evanovich, then step into the world of Jennifer Skully!
If you missed it the first time around, KOD Daphne winner “Sex and the Serial Killer” is back with a new title, “She’s Gotta Be Mine”, and a slight text revamp.  It’s still laugh-out-loud funny, peopled with hilarious characters in the small town of Cottonmouth, California.  Not to mention an alleged serial killer who’s too devilishly handsome to ignore.
Dumped? For her husband’s high school sweetheart he hasn’t seen in twenty years? Roberta Jones Spivey isn’t going to lay down for that. Instead, she reinvents herself and the new Bobbie Jones—new haircut, new name, new attitude—follows her soon-to-be ex to the small Northern California town of Cottonmouth.
What better way to show him—and his sweetheart—what he’s missing in the brand new Bobbie Jones than taking up with the town’s local bad boy—who’s also reputed to be a serial killer. Nick Angel is devilishly handsome and sexy as all get-out. In a word, perfect.
It’s all going exactly according to plan...until a real murder rocks the little town of Cottonmouth. Of course, Nick didn’t do it...did he?
“She’s Gotta Be Mine”, previously published in 2005 as “Sex and the Serial Killer”, is a contemporary romance of approximately 100,000 words.
The book contains the following bonus material:
Excerpts from “Dead To The Max”, Max Starr Series, Book 1, and “Twisted by Love”, Reincarnation Tales, Book 1 by Jasmine Haynes and “Baby, I’ll Find You” by Jennifer Skully
Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick!“Skully's novel is a triumph. It's fabulously funny, with top-notch dialogue, terrific pacing and witty compelling characters.” Marilyn Weigel
Huntress Reviews: “A witty novel that will keep you engrossed until the very end!” Detra Fitch
Road to Romance Reviews: “An absolute delight.” Tracey West


Bobbie Jones—she’d tossed out Roberta along with her job, her tailored suits, and her frilly blouses—tapped her brilliant crimson lip with the tip of a matching manicured nail. A new woman with a new attitude. And no ugly, painful thoughts.
“I must have that cottage.” No, no, we can’t possibly do this. Bobbie quashed another annoying little Robert-whine. She was getting so much better at doing it, since that day in the salon, a little less than a month ago, when she’d decided every page of her life story needed revising.
Top selling real estate agent and self-proclaimed Cottonmouth maven, Patsy Bell Sapp’s mouth opened so wide, the wrinkles marring her tanned face vanished. Almost. “You don’t want that.”
Bobbie smiled. “Yes. I do.” No, we don’t. Buzz off, Roberta.
The house, little more than a cube tucked into a postage-stamp lot, was the antithesis of the pristine residence on the stately San Francisco street. Warren had chosen the property over having children, a plan she’d, no, Roberta had gone along with because being a parent was too awesome a responsibility.
“But the serial killer lives right across the street.” Patsy hacked out a cough, her penciled-in eyebrows disappearing into the fringe of her bouffant hairdo. With a vigorous shake of her head, multiple shades of gray sparkled in the sunlight.
“Excuse me?” Was the woman serious? Probably not. If she was, why would she even bring Bobbie by the rental?
Still looking at her, Patsy pointed at the shaded, two-story house across the street. “He’s a serial killer,” she mouthed.
The title had a ring to it, even if it was most likely a town joke. Serial killer. Didn’t that fit her mood to a T? Her mood, not Roberta’s. She itched with a mixture of danger, disbelief, and anticipation. Heavy on the disbelief part. But still, he must be a real bad-boy type to fuel such rumors. Back home in Head Hunters salon, she’d sworn to herself she was going to have sex with someone. And sex with an alleged serial killer sounded risky. Edgy. Exciting.
Just the kind of thing a Bobbie Jones, not a Roberta Spivey, would do. It would tweak Warren’s nose right out of joint. And that’s what this whole excursion to Cottonmouth was about, right?
With her luck, though, the man would turn out to be a toilet paper salesman originally from Boise.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781626030282
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/09/2013
Publisher: Jasmine Haynes

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