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On a Cold Winter's Night

Author(s): Robin Renee Ray

Catching a boyfriend cheating around the holidays isn’t always a bad thing, not when it lands you in the arms of a strong, handsome mountain man who has just saved your life. Not to mention, after many long winter’s nights of being trapped by a blizzard in a cabin… Nathan and Brendal’s conversations soon turn into the most erotic sexual experiences that she could have ever imagined, in her physical state.

The two new found lovers find themselves celebrating Christmas alone, due to the massive blizzard that had closed all roads of the mountain pass. Nathan’s medical background was the key to keeping Brendal’s broken leg on the mend… and to helping her maneuver into ways that allowed their lust to be sated. Which will be the first to go from heated lust to love?


I had another Christmas wish fly through my mind the moment he began massaging my shoulder with one hand, while the other slid under the sloppy neckline of the shirt that I had worn to bathe in, protecting both of our dignities, and down the middle of my back. I wanted him to crawl in behind me. I couldn’t keep my eyes open or my head up-right, it felt too good. He dropped the bar of soap and went in search of it, grazing the top mounds of my butt and it was driving me insane.

“Nathan, you have to stop,” I swallowed so hard it hurt.

His hands came up around the back of my neck, and he turned my head, meeting my lips with his. “Do I have too?” His breath was like molten lava and I wanted to be in its flaming embrace. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair, and pressed that burning desire into my lips. Nathan never broke away, as he stood and stepped in behind me, clothes and all. He reached under the water and pulled me around by my legs, resting them over the edge. I could feel his need beneath me and all I wanted was the material to magically vanish.

“I want you Nathan Parker,” I said planting my lips all over his face and neck as he found my tender breast under the wet tank top I wore.

My top was off and on the floor mere seconds after the words had left my mouth. My back was in a full arch as Nathan worked my left breast with his mouth, his tongue rolling and his teeth scrapping ever so delicately over my nipple, causing pure pleasure to escape in the sound of a soft moan. My hands scrambled to reach for the ripples on his stomach, and to bury my fingers in the dark black curls on his chest.

“We can’t do this in here,” he whispered going from one of my breasts to the other. “We’ll end up hurting you.”

I squeezed the washcloth out and cleaned the small cut on his forehead, relishing the feel of his hands on the crease of my hips. I purposely rolled my groin into his as I licked across his lips. He responded by raising his hips up to press into me. “Turn around and let me wash your hair so we can continue this by the fire.” When he lifted my legs and set them back in between his, he ran his hand under and back up my inner thigh, coming dangerously close to my most vulnerable of areas. My toes were curling in on themselves.

No one had ever washed my hair before, not like this. It was wonderful. Nathan got out first then he lifted me, sitting me back down on the edge of the bathtub while he pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed two towels. I was already half nude with boxers that were hanging off, so I just lifted myself with one and let them fall to my feet. I draped the towel over my front and watched as Nathan unzipped his pants. “Should I leave the room?”

“I wish you wouldn’t.”

“I don’t want to disrespect you, Brendal. Not in any way.”

“Then don’t leave me sitting here nude all by myself.” I knew he had seen my ‘little girl’ when the boxers fell to the floor, because I was watching his gaze.

My bottom lip was raw from chewing on it the many times I stared at him just doing small things like picking up my tea glass, but now I was tasting blood. Everything broke down in slow motion as his wet jeans went over his hips. The way his muscles moved was like a cobra being charmed by a man with a flute. I almost fainted when he slid the jeans down over his glory. It wasn’t the size, though he was well endowed, it was just the sheer shock of seeing what I had felt pressing on me in the tub, and my wanting him had my own glory heating to the point of over boiling.

“I’ll get you a shirt,” he said wrapping the towel around his waist like I wasn’t just watching the best show ever put on and left me where I sat.

“I’ll just wait here,” I called out trying to catch my breath and think of anything better to say than, ‘I’ll just sit here with my tongue hanging out and panting like a dog in heat’. “Is it okay for me to have a drink since I haven’t taken a pain pill today?”

“Sorry,” he came back in and handed me a button up long sleeved dress shirt. “Alcohol is out of the question until you finish the antibiotics.”

I put the shirt on purposely leaving it unbuttoned down to the top of my breasts, then rolled the sleeves up to my elbows. We brushed our teeth and he carried me back downstairs where he had the fire blazing in moments. I couldn’t believe how romantic this man was. He moved the table in between the couch and fireplace, and laid a blanket over the thick animal fur rug, then threw several pillows from the couch down onto it. He then went into the kitchen and brought back two glasses; one with iced tea, and one with his beer.

“Would you look at that,” he smiled walking his tall, six foot plus frame up to me.

“What?’ I asked with suspicion.

“You’re back under that mistletoe.”

I gave him my right hand and he pulled me up on my one good foot. “I guess that means you better kiss me. It is a rule after all.” Our lips brushed with a soft innocence, at first, then we opened to each other and once again the world beyond did not exist. Instead of letting me hobble to the comfortable spot that he had made us, he lifted me up with one arm under my legs and the other at my back and went down on his knees and laid me on my back. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would leap from my chest.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): B00GVM4U2K
Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 11/21/2013
Publisher: Robin Renee Ray

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