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Northern Exposure

Author(s): Stephanie Williams

Brittany loves the cold and adventure, and heads for the Arctic Circle. She admits she’s in a rut and not looking for the same old same old, but she never counted on something like this. Trying out remote control panties with a Finn she met on a nude beach.
Sebastian had been waiting for a chance to get the beauty he'd seen around off and on for the last few, to himself. No longer anxious to approach her, he decides to take control of the situation. Now that he holds the controls, he's not giving them back.
This work has been previously published
Brit strolled down to the beach with her umbrella, magazine, blanket and iPod. She set up her spot and got comfortable on her blanket. She placed the magazine over her face, stuck the ear buds in her ears, and listened to the glorious voice of Luciano Pavarotti. Ten minutes later, she was on her way to dreamland.
This was the life. No worries. No nagging parents. No annoying, geeky ex-boyfriend. No drama.
“Hello there.”
At first she didn’t respond. She was in that state of sleep between deep REM and half awake.
“Hello? Miss?” The voice was insistent, deep and masculine.
It wasn’t until she felt a nudge on her shoulder that Brit threw off the magazine, and sat up on her elbows. What she was looking at could only be described as mythical beauty.
He was large, muscular, gorgeous and…nekkid!Oh God!
“Sorry to wake you, but I just couldn’t take the chance of missing you again.”
Brit blinked rapidly. She really didn’t hear him. She just looked straight into his huge, sea-green eyes and watched the movement of his sensuous, full mouth.
It wasn’t until he shifted in the sand next to her, that she realized they wereboth nekkid!
“I beg your pardon?” she squeaked.
“I’ve noticed you at the hotel, but you were always on the move or locked up in your room. I wanted to visit you, but thought it would be rude of me to just come knocking on your door uninvited.”
Of course, and approaching me buck-naked is better.
Brit reached for her clothing, but as she did so, she began to notice every ripple of muscle belonging to her naked intruder.
Every muscle.
She leaned back down on her elbows. Heck, it was too late now; he had already seen his fill of her.
“I….uh…I see. Well….”
“Please, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Jalo.”
“Brittany Reese. I prefer Brit.” She watched as he extended his hand. She was still trying not to stare at this statue-come-to-life, but he was beauty personified. Thick, blonde wavy hair, piercing eyes and a body that was just unreal.
He was a merman washed ashore.
After she finished a mental inventory of this sea god, she reached for his hand and grasped it tightly as though holding it would help take her mind off other body parts.
“Pleasure to finally meet you. You must really like Finland. This is your fourth trip here isn’t it?” Sebastian asked.
“Four….” Now how did he know that? Great. A naked stalker.
“Don’t look so alarmed. My uncle runs the hotel where you stay, and I must say you are hard not to notice.”
“Oh really?” Brit said, not hiding the accusatory tone in her voice.
“Not for the obvious reasons of course, but for your beauty and something else. You have a boldness about you that I like. Most Americans shy away from a nude beach.”
“Well, I ….” NUDE!!!
She kept forgetting that she was naked too. She sat up straighter and grabbed the edge of the blanket she sat on and brought it toward her breast. But it didn’t reach.
Sebastiangaveherawickedgrin,thendroppedhis eyes.“I’msorryifyoufeelabituncomfortable….”
“Oh, no!” she chuckled nervously. “There was a chill in the air. Ahem….uh…so, your uncle manages the hotel. How nice.”
“Yeah. But what I really came here to ask you was what you’re doing later today?”
Is this guy trying to pick me up? Naked?


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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 04/01/2014
Publisher: Stephanie Williams

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