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 Bishop, a Navy SEAL and Angel, a kindergarten teacher, have spent a month apart. It seems like a lifetime for the new lovers, who entered into a whirlwind relationship with no thought for a future together. The two reunite after Bishop is wounded, and on medical leave. The passion between them is as hot as ever but before they can explore their feelings Bishop is called back into action.


"Yogurt?" Angel asked, giving Bishop an amused look. She remembered his response when she'd offered him one for breakfast their first morning together a month ago.

“No self-respecting SEAL would be caught dead eating that girly stuff.” 

Her heart swelled. His exact words then. "Have you ever tried one?"

She went to the fridge, knowing Diana always kept it stocked with yogurt because she loved it, too. She reached inside for the first one her eyes lit upon, a fruity pineapple. A sharp whistle had her straightening when she realized her short robe had ridden up the backs of her thighs. She turned around to a wolfy look on Bishop's face, while Diana rolled her eyes. Angel got a spoon and walked toward him with determination. 

"You're not going to get me to try it," he said with a smile in his eyes. 

"Oh, oh!" Diana laughed. "A challenge!"

Angel stopped in front of Bishop and batted her eye lashes. He crossed his arms and raised a brow. "You can bat those long lashes all damned day."

Angel said nothing. She set the yogurt down and opened it. Scooped some onto a spoon and held the spoon up to him, batting her lashes again. Diana laughed, but Bishop remained unmoved. Angel took a bite, closed her eyes and groaned as if in the throes of an orgasm. When she opened them again it was to see the flash of fire in his. His expression grew taut with his obvious determination to stay unaffected. She held the spoon up again, closer to his mouth.

He shook his head. "Not going to happen, baby."

Angel stared at him for a moment, before reaching up and opening the top of her robe just enough to show some cleavage. Bishop's gaze was drawn there, and a muscle tightened in his jaw. She offered him the spoon again, with a smile of victory on her face. That was all he needed to see to take a deep breath and shake his head again.

"Good try, but I'm not going to give in to temptation."

He was tempted? That gave Angel an idea. She glanced at Diana. "You might want to turn around for this."

"Not on your life," Diana said. "I want to see who caves first."

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Angel replied. She met Bishop's eyes. Did he look nervous? Her smile widened, she'd get him to try it by playing dirty. "Oops!" The yogurt slipped off the spoon landing in her cleavage. His eyes darkened and the raw expression on his face spoke volumes. 

Diana just groaned, turned around, and walked out of the room. "I'll be outside watering the flowers.

"You don't play fair, honey." He reached for her but Angel danced away from him.

"Are you ready to try some yogurt?" she said in a teasing voice. She opened her robe further, exposing her breasts except for the nipples. A chunk of pineapple slipped further down.

"What is that?" Bishop asked, watching it slide down between her breasts.

"Why don't you taste it and decide for yourself?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781311890863
Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 07/01/2014
Publisher: Tory Richards

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