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Inhuman Heritage

Cassandra Farbanks Series #4

Author(s): Sonnet O'Dell

Nothing is stranger than the truth.
Cassandra has had a lot of questions, but when it comes to the answers, the truth it seems might be too much for her to handle. On top of that, what should have been perfect relationship with the vampire Aram, is falling apart before its really begun.
Someone is out to kidnap the emissary and steal the crown. Who's behind it is just another question Cassandra must answer before time runs out.


The next few moments became a blur of vampire speed and movement, with the alcohol fuelling my brain it was very lucky that I didn’t throw up. Jareth threw me down onto his bed, which I didn’t mind in the least and pressed himself over me. He was hot and heavy with the urgency of a repressed sexual drive unleashed. I knew then that Jareth had not bedded a woman in sometime and he was crazy desperate to get right to it. He hooked my leg up over his hip and jabbed at me with the bulge in his pants, I made a small sound which he found delightful. He was back to kissing me when his door flew open and Aram stormed in. It couldn’t have been better screw him moment if I’d planned it. Jareth pulled back to look at who dare intrude upon him and I looked up at my former lover from under his brothers shoulder.

“We have one small fight and you will abandon me to bed my brother,” Aram snarled angrily, there was even some spit flying around as he yelled. I smiled up at him lying back against the bed dreamily.

“I thought you were done with me.” I was being vindictive and petty; god did it feel good.

“I was angry,” he said and clearly demonstrated that he still was. Jareth moved back to his knees on the bed letting my leg drop from his grasp with reluctance.

“Then perhaps you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean,” I chided him and my voice took on a little sing song lilt. I was being so childish and it was great fun.

“I didn’t say THAT!”

“But you did brother, I heard you myself,” said Jareth speaking for the first time. Aram turned to him with a vicious glare in his eye.

“You dare speak to me Brutus, I turn my back for a moment and you mount my quarry.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725922
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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