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It's Love Baby

The Gerard Sisters: 1

Author(s): Josie St. Marie

Abandoned by her best friend at the beginning of a well needed vacation in Las Vegas, Blue Gerard hopes that sexy stranger Landen Avanti can help salvage her trip and turn it into a sensual escapade of new experiences.

Blue puts aside her good-girl sensibilities and dives into the bad-girl pleasures Landen offers. Landen is more than willing to pleasure the delectable Blue and turn a week of business into one of erotic fun. He willingly sheds is straight-laced persona and allows his amorous side full rein.

They both know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but, when their week of passionate exploration comes to an end will they be able to walk away?



The delicious trembling of arousal did not take Blue Lyric Gerard by surprise. How could it when the tall, broad-shouldered stranger looked like every one of her fantasies come to life? It took all of her control to keep her jaw in the upright position during the blatant, and very unlike her, eyeball exploration of his fabulous body.

Not that he noticed her mental stripping of his clothing. Her magnificent stranger looked far too busy arguing into his cell phone to pay Blue any attention at all. Thank goodness for small favors because had he noticed, Blue's embarrassment factor would have shot off the charts. Don't mind me. I was just imagining my nails digging into your back while I orgasm. Getting caught ogling a hot body and feeling like a pervert? Low on her to-do list.

The object of her attention barked softly into his cell phone, clenched his teeth, and stalked to the airport doors. The glass doors slid open quickly and silently as if knowing his mood would tolerate nothing less.

Blue continued watching his incredible rear end in his faded Levi's. Muscular and firm; her teeth ached to bite it. She'd never had the pleasure of biting a man's butt. To be honest, she had never wanted to, but his ass…oh yeah, definitely bite-worthy.

Okay, okay, Blue doubted she would ever deliver a playful nip to a man's fine posterior, but that didn't stop her from imagining. One of these days, if a man caught her looking at his butt, she'd wink and send a come-hither smile.

Or not.

Yeah, probably not.

Still, a woman could dream.

Through the glass doors, Blue watched Mr. Great-Butt slide into the back of a black limo. The things she could imagine doing to him and with him in the back of that limo made her shiver.

She sounded like her mother. Rebecca Gerard, a.k.a. Liberty Starshine, former hippie, retired real estate agent, and current swinger, often contemplated men's bodies and their uses for vehicular play, but her youngest daughter's good-girl sensibilities prohibited the idea of such things.

Until now.

Jet lag. Had to be the jet lag.

Not that she didn't appreciate a fine-looking man; after all, she was her mother's daughter. But she did not normally get all googly-eyed or sexually aroused by a stranger. Much to the amusement of her mother and sisters, Blue needed an emotional connection with a man before her body got all juiced-up for sex. Mom thought her affliction "sweet," whereas her sisters had dubbed it "damn strange."

It was just her luck to be the good girl in a family of bad girls. Being the voice of reason sucked, especially when no one listened. But, oh, her seldom used bad-girl thoughts were in high gear right now.

"Hey, hey, beautiful!"

Blue jerked upon hearing the familiar voice and pulled her wicked fantasies of the dark-haired stranger to the back of her mind. Later that night, in the privacy of her room, she would definitely revisit the vision of his masculine hands teasing her body to delicious delights.

Maybe she was more like her eldest sister Thera, the self-proclaimed sexual revolutionary, than she would like to admit.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-337-2
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 06/04/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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