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Untamed Passions

Author(s): Jessica Coulter Smith

Sienna Blake has issues with her body, mostly that there's just too much of it, and she hasn't had a date in forever. To make matters worse, she has a crush on the most perfect, most gorgeous man alive, Logan Drake. As if someone like him would ever take a second look at Sienna!

Logan Drake may show up to PR events with a model on his arm, but he's grown tired of the stick thin women who constantly complain about their weight. He wants a real woman! Someone he can take out to eat and she'll actually order a meal instead of a small salad and a glass of water. When fate throws Sienna Blake into his path, he thinks he's finally found someone worth dating.

When Sienna and Logan get together, the sparks begin to fly. Just looking at Logan makes Sienna want to do naughty things to him. Never had she had such lascivious thoughts about a man before, but one look at Logan and she beings to drool.

*NOTE this work has been previously published. The title and author have changed.



Sienna reached between their bodies and cupped the hard firm length of him. He was straining against his swim trunks as if seeking out the heat of her body. Dipping her hand inside the waistband of his trunks, she let her hand glide down the length of him. Logan was definitely an impressive man!

Logan cupped her breast, his thumb making lazy circles around her nipple. He slipped his fingers under the edge of her bathing suit, feeling the satiny texture of her breasts.

As his mouth devoured hers, he slid the straps of her bathing suit down her arms, baring her breasts. As the cool air hit her skin, her nipples puckered even more. Standing erect, they begged for his touch, for his kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Sienna groaned and threw back her head. She felt Logan’s hot mouth kiss her neck, her collarbone… felt his tongue glide down the slope of her breast. When he reached her nipple, he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue gliding across the hard nub. He sucked harder and pressed his throbbing cock against the junction of her thighs. Her legs weren’t open enough for him to feel her heat and it was driving him crazy.

His hand glided down to her leg, pulling it up around his waist. He backed her against the wall, thrusting against her.

Pulling back, he gazed down at her. Her hair was disheveled, her lips were swollen from his kisses, her breasts were bare and begging for more attention and her breath was coming out ragged. Never had she looked more beautiful to him.

Ripping his shirt over his head, he pressed his naked chest against her breasts. Claiming her lips again, he unfastened the sarong around her waist. Pushing her suit down further, Logan slipped his hand inside. His fingers brushed against the curls at the junction of her thighs before sliding further. He traced the outline of her lips, gently parting them and finding her clit. It was swollen and begging for his attention.

She whimpered against his mouth and shifted her hips, rubbing herself against his hand. Sienna felt as if she were drowning in a hundred sensations and emotions. No man had ever made her feel this way. Sure, she’d had an orgasm before, but no man had ever spent this much time and attention on her. Usually they were just looking out for themselves.

She gripped his dick in her hand and lightly pumped her hand up on down. She ran her thumb over the head, spreading the bead of moisture that had formed there. As Logan’s long fingers stroked her intimately, she stroked him… thinking of him being inside of her, pumping in and out of her.

Impatiently, she pushed his swim trunks down over his hips. When they pooled at his ankles, he kicked them out of the way. Forgetting her self-consciousness, she pushed her own suit out of the way, wanting no barriers between them.

Pulling her lips from his, Sienna looked down and watched her hand sliding over his long dick. He was by far the largest she had ever seen. He was longer than her hand. When she wrapped her fingers all the way around him, he filled her hand completely. She knew that her body would fit him like a glove and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781311113283
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/17/2014
Publisher: JCS Books

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