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Animal Familiars For Beginners

Author(s): Alexandra Chauran

Animal Familiars for Beginners
by Alexandra Chauran
nonfiction, wiccan/pagan, animals, magick
full length novel

Witches have always been drawn to the power of animal familiars for use in magical ritual as well as for companionship and inspiration.  In this easy guide, discover how you can perform magic that invokes animal spirits as well as ritual that includes your pets and local wildlife.  This book is suitable for the absolute beginner to witchcraft who has ever felt a connection to mother nature’s beasts.


Do you think cats have souls? Do you think that dogs can feel love? Can a friendship shared between a person and a horse be real? Do you think that your life wouldn’t be right without a furry friend in your house? Are your pets like your children? Have you had a pet that knows when you’re sad? Have you had a pet that knows just how to cheer you up? Why do we form such strong bonds to our pets and why do our animal friends seem to be able to sense our pain? Is there something mystical and magical about animals, especially when they team up with a human of a mind to practice magic? Answer those questions in your own mind. Then start thinking about how you came to have an interest in animals as more than just a part of your landscape. Think about how you might deepen your spiritual relationship with non-human kindred spirits.

They say that a dog is “man’s best friend.” Rudyard Kipling once wrote poetically, “When the Man woke up, he said, ‘What is Wild Dog doing here?’ And the Woman said, ‘His name is not Wild Dog anymore, but the First Friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always.’” Dogs, cats and other animals have become so much more than mere pets for many of us. My own fascination with animals started when I was very young. I always had a great family of pets at home, and ventured out into nature every day I could. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was more likely to say “zookeeper” or “field biologist” than to name any of the other classic careers that fascinate children. As an adult, I can list among the creatures I’ve kept in my home: Dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, hamsters, rats, mice, spiders, scorpions, insects, sugar gliders, and even an opossum.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t develop an instant or lasting spiritual relationship with any of these creatures. However, those that I did bond with deeply surprised me, especially since the brain size or complexity of the animal had no bearing on its metaphysical abilities. For example; I’ve had dogs that seemed no more magically inclined than a rutabaga. On the other hand, I’ve had special dogs, or even snakes, that seemed to have a depth of character that affected me emotionally and spiritually. I had a wealth of assistance sometimes actually sitting at my feet. And so can you.

You don’t have to be a professional psychic or a highly trained witch in order to have an animal familiar. Many pet owners already tend to find a spiritual relationship with their animal companions. Diane Hennacy Powell M.D. reported this in her book, The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena. She tells how researcher Rupert Sheldrake quizzed random American and British pet owners about whether their own animals exhibited telepathy in order to communicate with their owners. He found that forty-eight percent of dog owners and thirty three percent of cat owners believed that they had made that connection with their pets. If you already have a special link to your pet, or if you want to try, this is the book for you.


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ISBN (Print): 9781938257667
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Genre: Non-Fiction
Date Published: 10/03/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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