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Bjorn's Mate

Author(s): Mary Winter

Bjorn’s Mate by Mary Winter
Nanook Warriors Book 1
paranormal erotic romance
Cover Art by Winterheart Design
Release Date 08/07/2014

Bjorn Lunde leads a team of highly specialized troops. His commanding offer sends him Sigrid Myhre, a scientist whose knowledge of pollution can help stop mysterious attacks.  Once she arrives, Bjorn discovers a woman he’s proud to have on his team. His bear finds his mate. The man must control the bear and keep Sigrid from discovering what makes his team perfect for an Arctic mission.

Eager for a chance to prove herself, Sigrid soon uncovers dangers she never imagined and men unlike any she’d ever known. Bjorn is more than her commander, he’s a man as rugged as the frozen land she loves. And it’d be too easy for her to fall in love.

Bjorn needs a scientist. Sigrid hungers for a chance to show exactly what she can do. What she finds is a team of men with inner beasts and she’s woman enough to tame their leader.

This is a re-release of a previously published work with the same title.


“I loved, loved the building relationship between these two. The bond and emotions that Mary Winter wrote in this story will leave you spellbound from page one.”
-Nicole Harvey, Paranormal Romance Reviews

“Mary Winter’s Bjorn’s Mate is a very unusual shape shifter story about polar bears. I found this book to be very well defined and couldn’t stop reading it.  Ms Winter has a great flair for writing intense sex scenes that leave the reader panting and tingling all over.  I can’t wait for the next book to be released.  I hope it continues with this tantalizing story.” 
- Julianne, Two Lips Reviews

“I’ve read books about many different kinds of shifters. Lions, tigers, wolves… This refreshing story is about polar bear shifter Bjorn Lunde and his special team of men/bears. Sigrid is a researcher and kick-ass heroine. The book may be set in the frigid artic, but it will get you heated up, and fast. And the mystery surrounding their mission will keep you riveted.  Ms. Winter’s vivid writing puts the reader in the center of the action. Bjorn’s Mate is an action-packed thrill ride I didn’t want to put down. I’ve heard this a series, and can’t wait to read more!”
- Nicole Austin, author

“Oh yummy, yummy! Mary Winter is a master at creating heroes that you just want to…well lick! Bjorn is most definitely one of them. He’s strong, stubborn and oh so sexy. And he’s met his match in Sigrid, a scientist out to prove herself. Their interactions are intense and mouth-watering, especially when Kjell joins them. If you like sexy, shapeshifting men, an intriguing plot and a little adventure, you’ll enjoy Bjorn’s Mate.”
- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews 5 ANGELS!

“Ms. Winter is a very talented lady. BJORN’S MATE is filled with exquisite love scenes, sexual tension and secrets. This story flowed beautifully across my computer screen. You actually felt like you had made some new friends in her characters. I would love to see more of her polar bears in action. If this were in print, it would definitely be a page-turner. Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to ending.”
- Ladybirdrobi, Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons!

Bjorn’s Mate is a wonderful romantic adventure tale with action, mystery and a bit of sci-fi as well as paranormal aspects.  I loved the polar bear shapeshifter theory!…The plot is complex and intriguing, the pace is quick but reasonable and the romance develops at a rapid pace but yet in a believable sequence and timeframe.  The main characters are well developed, appealing and enjoyable.  There are a couple of very important secondary characters while the remaining characters are just background…If you like shapeshifter themes, you will like Bjorn’s Mate. I know I did and would certainly enjoy meeting more polar bears in future tales.”
-Sandi Potterton, JERR

“”Bjorn’s Mate,” by Mary Winter, is a real winner.  The plot is like a thrill ride.  The sex is steamy and the love is encompassing.  The characters are well-developed.  Sigrid is a strong, brilliant scientist.  She finds the strength to fight something she never believed existed.  The battle between her and the demon was riveting.  Bjorn’s sense of protectiveness and possessiveness makes a girl blush.  I read this one in one sitting.  Mary Winter is an excellent writer.  I highly recommend “Bjorn’s Mate” to fans of erotic romance.”
-Anne Boling, Reader Views

“If scorching hot sex, virile shape-shifters, some very unusual enemies, and a generous dose of action sound good, then BJORN’S MATE should be on your shopping list. And luckily for all of the readers who are sure to enjoy this tale, it’s the first in a new series, Arctic Hungers. Hmm… I wonder who will find their mate next, Hans, Mark, Trent, or maybe it’ll be Kjell? No matter, whoever it is, I can’t wait. Until then, I can re-read BJORN’S MATE. :-)
- Lori Ann, RRT Erotic

“I loved how Sigrid was a strong enough woman to handle the bear in Bjorn and Bjorn’s ability to love enough to step back and give Sigrid the space and trust she needed to accomplish her mission. Mary Winter has great style of writing that draws the reader into the story and makes you feel the emotions of each character.”
- Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio


“That’s not what happened last night.” Bjorn dragged his fingers through his hair and shoved his chair back. “I think you let the woman inside you take the lead.” He stalked her around the table and stopped beside her, leaning his hip against the wood. “I think you let the woman out to play.”

“And it can’t happen again.” She rose to her feet, not liking to have to look up at him. Staring at his hips, at the bulge behind the fly of his camouflage pants, across his muscled chest to his broad shoulders, she felt small and feminine. A woman in a man’s world. She’d long been used to living like that, hiding her curves, her desires. With Bjorn, it was almost impossible to hide. And she knew if she let the woman out, she’d jeopardize her standing in the team. She’d be the one fucking the captain, not the scientist putting all the facts together. Sigrid stepped back, arms folded across her chest.

 ”You can’t hide the fact that you’re a woman.” He gaze caressed the curve of her breasts, the flare of her hips. “The men want you. I want you.”

 You’re the captain of this team. Having sex with you wouldn’t be professional. It wouldn’t be in my best interests.”

“Really?” Arms dropped to his sides, he moved closer. Desire darkened his eyes. Masculine confidence radiated from each step.

She knew intimately the muscles in his legs, each ripple of his muscled abdomen, the feel of his flat pectorals against her breasts. Her pussy clenched, wept at the thought of finally being filled by his cock. If her explorations last night were any indication, she’d bet it was thicker and longer than any she’d had before. Sigrid bit back a whimper. “Bjorn, no.”

“Yes.” He backed her to the wall and braced his hand next to her head. He dipped his own, his warm breath teasing strands of her hair as his nostrils flared and he sniffed her. “You’re wet.”

His statement should have embarrassed her. Instead, moisture filled her channel. Yeah, she was wet, soaked, ready for him. “You’re a military officer. You can’t take me against my will.” She stood stiffly against the wall, felt the cool barrier through her clothing.

Heat radiated from Bjorn. It filled her, battled with the chill of the wall until she wanted to sink into his warmth, let it penetrate her. “I don’t think it would be against your will. You’re in the Arctic with five men, Sigrid. What did you think would happen?”

She ducked underneath his arm, his assumption that she’d fuck one of them, all of them, churning in her stomach. She stepped aside, bumping into a chair. Reaching out, she steadied herself. “Captain, this isn’t advisable.”

 He whirled to face her. Raw hunger shone on his face. She’d seen the look before-when a polar bear waited on an ice floe, ready to tackle the first fat seal that came along. Her lips parted. “Bjorn,” she breathed. A knot formed in her throat.

 She’d fuck him. Deep in her bones she knew it, and the military officer in her hated the lack of willpower. The scientist in her feared it’d ruin her work, that the team would no longer take her seriously once she spread her legs for their captain. But the woman-oh, the woman inside her remembered how long it’d been since a real cock had filled her slick channel. The woman ached to touch his skin, to feel the play of muscles, to feel his lips hot and demanding on hers.

“Sigrid. You can’t fight this.”

 ”Yeah,” she said, turning to run away. “I can.” Without waiting for a reply, she bolted to her room.

* * * * *

Prey. Run. Chase. Capture. Fuck. The bear dominated his thoughts. His cock throbbed, a demanding beat that echoed the bear’s desires. Objectively, Bjorn knew he had to control the bear, had to maintain professional distance between himself and Sigrid. But he’d sensed the men sniffing around. Trent had protected her. The Canadian had already made half a claim on her, and Marc and Kjell hovered in close, ready to take on all comers for this female should Bjorn’s control slip. No. They couldn’t have her, and he’d marked her to make his claim crystal clear. She belonged to him. His men had damned well better obey.

Vik already knew military protocol in several matters didn’t apply to Bjorn’s team. They were part bear. Different rules applied to them, and the rest of EUFOR didn’t need to know about their abilities or their special preternatural unit.

He sprinted after her.

Bjorn held back, knowing he could overtake her at any time. Instead, he stayed a couple steps behind, following her in her mad flight to her room. When she was even with his bedroom door, he poured on a burst of speed. Grabbing her around the waist with one arm, he reached for the door with the other. Opening it, he hauled her inside, before closing the door behind him. Whirling them around, he pinned her between the door and his body. His hands on her wrists held her pressed to the gray metal.

The scent of her arousal filled the air. Damn, she was ready for him. Eyes flashing, lips parted, breasts heaving with each breath, she wanted him. And her cunt…he smelled her juices on the air, the rich, creamy scent that told him he could bury himself to the hilt right now and there’d be nothing but pleasure for both of them.

“You don’t know everything about our unit,” he said. “Normal military orders don’t apply to us.”

“The hell they don’t-”

He silenced her objection with a kiss. No gentle exploration, his lips pressed down on hers, pinning her to the door with the strength of his kiss alone. His tongue delved into her mouth, a bold claiming that marked her as his own. Already their scents mingled, his overlaying hers, and he had never inhaled a more addictive aroma.

Her fingers clenched, her stance widening, hips lifting, searching for his cock. She leaned against him, her tiny body rubbing against his. Her tongue stroked the length of his and he groaned into her mouth, imaging what it would feel like on his cock. Balls tightening, he leaned into her.

His. If any of the other men touched her like this he’d personally rip out their throats. He lifted her hands, bringing them together above her head. The motion caused her to arch her back and crush her breasts against his chest.

 Bjorn pulled his mouth away. “If you don’t want this, you’d better tell me now. Because one more moment and I won’t be able to stop.” His bear demanded he not wait but he held it back by his strength of will alone. What was about to happen would change the dynamics of his team. It had to be her choice.

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 08/07/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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