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Blood of the Chosen

Author(s): Kara Owl

Blood of the Chosen by Kara Owl
epic fantasy novel
Release Date 7/17/14

They are the heirs to a broken elven Family…

Romerin Rialthus, the idealist. He wants his people to escape the poverty that the greedy Vaerestriel have forced upon them…at any cost.  He has a plan:  he will marry his beloved and together they will free his Family.

Kerwilian Rialthus, the realist. She was born to protect her brother…but can she protect him when he chooses to follow his heart into a fruitless marriage?  And is she willing to sacrifice her love to avoid an elven civil war?

Toman Rialthus, the optimist.  Twin to Ker, Toman has spent his whole life feeling unnecessary.  Can he overcome his own doubts and fight with his siblings, or will his tryst with a human woman bring a curse on his Family and destroy the…



“Are you ready?”

Kerwilian peered into the forest, shading her eyes with one hand.  They needed to go, yet she could not bring herself to move.  She turned back to her brother, shaking her head at the other elf.  “No, but I don’t think I will ever be ready.  Nor will the Council put your adulthood off any longer,” she added with a sidelong glance at her brother.  “So come.  Let us go, and see the things we must see.”  Her brother’s expression changed at her final words, his forehead smoothing as he smiled slightly.  The morning sun glinted on his chestnut hair, a shade browner than Ker’s own auburn.   She turned away from him, and stared down the path they needed to walk, the dirt worn smooth by many generations of elves before them.

Romerin’s touch was gentle as he placed his hand on her shoulder.  “You know they’ll be happy to see us, Ker.  They loved our father.”

Ker shrugged, looking away from her brother’s too-knowing eyes.  “We cannot know that.”  She pulled away from his touch, straightening her back.  She took a deep breath and strode towards the trees guarding the outer ring of High Elven homes.  The farms belonging to the lower elves sat on the edge of the forest.  As part of their rite of passage, they had to go and see the land that would give them sustenance.  She turned her head to the side, letting the gentle breeze carry her words back to Rom.  “They loved our father, aye, but it is our uncle—and thus, we—who has been demanding higher and higher harvests so that we can pay the Vaerestriel tribute.  You have seen the demands, haven’t you?”

Rom flushed and stammered a bit.  “I… ah.  I’ve been taking care of my betrothal, so…”  He trailed off, then spoke quickly.  “I thought Toman was taking care of that?”

Ker stopped, turning narrowed eyes his way.  “Betrothal?  You’re seriously going to marry that girl?”  He continued past her, ignoring her glare.  She hurried to catch up with him, her temper exploding as she grabbed his arm to stop him.  “Romerin!”

“I am not about to marry whoever the Vaerestriel put forth, Ker!  You know as well as I do that’s a death sentence.”

Ker released him, and they walked together in silence until she finally sighed.  “I know.  But… Well, Reiantheria’s tits, Rom, will they even sign the betrothal forms?”

Rom grinned.  “Shona’s parents sent the required papers.  They never look at the smaller Family requests.”

“They’ll be angry when they discover you’ve tricked them.”  Rom shrugged.  Ker scowled at him.  “Our people will pay for that anger!”

“And I’ll protect them as Paiter.  I will be able to protect them.  Kerwilian, I am not about to bow to the Vaerestriel!  Not any longer!”

Ker had no answer for that, at least not one she wished to voice aloud while they walked among their people.  It would lead only to more disagreement, and she wanted to show her people a united front between her brother and herself.


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Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 07/17/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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