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Fae Animus

Author(s): Connie Wood

Fae Animus by Connie Wood
sensual paranormal romance novella
approx. 22,000 words

Daray’s world was torn asunder when the original Fallen Angel, Lucifer, killed his wife. Now Daray would risk not only his immortal soul to save her from eternal damnation, but also the balance of good and evil.

Halia knew only love in the arms of her husband; now she awakens in the Realm of the Dead with Lucifer wanting her for his own. Her magical powers gone, Halia must use different means to escape her dark fate.

Will Daray risk destroying the fabric of the realms, plunging everyone in danger to find his wife? And can Halia make it back to her husband before darkness consumes her?

Has their fate already been sealed?


He grinned sadly. The first time Halia had ever smiled at him they had been Fae only a few short hours. It had ignited passion in his soul, lightened his heart. Things he’d never felt before since the dawn of time. Being an angel of the heavenly realms they had both only known contented happiness, knowledge in their place in the world.

As Fae raw emotion streamed through their veins, igniting fervor and hatred in the blink of an eye.  Daray felt his entire body harden at the memories of the passion he’d held with Halia.

“What is it I feel here?” Halia questioned him, placing his broad hand over the lower part of her belly. “It feels hot and tingly.”

She had giggled then though it soon transformed into a groan of sensuality as Daray ran his thumb along the line between her hips.

“I know not,” he ground out, amazed at the smoothness of her skin. A fission of electricity jolted through his body, tensing all his muscles, making him instantly hard. Never before had he touched Halia or another in such a manner. Never had such feelings overwhelmed him so.

“I yearn for something, though I know not what.” Halia tilted her head back and Daray became entranced with the length of her throat. It beckoned him.

New instincts rushed through him and he stepped into her, bent his head and kissed her throat, just below the jaw line. She gasped in surprise. He kissed her neck again, this time laving his tongue across her skin. Sweet musk and adrenaline coursed through him and he groaned, instinctually wrapping his muscular arms around her tiny waist.

Halia leant into him, their bodies fitting together perfectly. Her warmth seared his oversensitive skin, his arousal hardening painfully as she writhed against him. He started to pant, his body going into overload at these foreign emotions. His mind swam with heat and an unknown longing. Pain burned behind his eyes. He felt them heat as he looked down at Halia her eyes blazed dark fiery blue, and he knew his gaze burned similarly.

At a simple embrace their passions had ignited to breaking point. Possessed with passion Daray lowered his head and for the first time in all eternity lay his lips upon another’s. Her lips were soft underneath his hard ones, he pressed against them, the unfamiliar yearnings creeping up his spine demanding to be satisfied. He opened his mouth and pressed his tongue passed the barrier of her lips.

Her mouth was warm and wet, she opened to him unheeded and as her tongue met his he was lost forever. The urgent beating through is body eased, leaving him with a warm lingering heat that needed to be sated.

Halia wrapped her long slender arms around him, her hands caressing, kneading his muscular back. He stretched his wings out wide and tightened his grip on her before lowering them both down to the ground.

He felt her writhe against the ground crushing the leaves beneath her. The tangy scent of earth filled his head but couldn’t erase the scent of Halia. He could sense her arousal, the sweet muskiness of her skin.

Daray broke their first kiss and looked down at her laying so openly underneath him. Her long blond ringlets spread out like a halo, her blue eyes searched his gaze, her perfect naked body called for his touch.

“By the heavens you are the most beautiful woman ever created.”

“You but flatter me, Daray,” she answered, a touch of sadness darkening her expressive eyes. “If I were beautiful I would still be in the Fathers favor.”

An unexpected bolt of anger shot through him. “It was I you followed from the gates of heaven; therefore, my responsibility that you fell from grace. Never doubt yourself beautiful of body or soul.”

Daray ran his thumb against the softness of her cheek, amazed at the fire blazing in his belly at a single touch.

“You have always been beauty personified. Only now I feel it burning through my body as I look on you. I merely touch you and yearn to become one with you.”

Halia’s eyes widened. “These new feelings overwhelm me. I know the desire you feel, it makes my body ache for you.”

She ran her gentle touch across his back, and his skin broke out in goose bumps as she caressed his side. Slowly Halia bought her hand to his hips and ran her fingers down, flittering lightly across his hardened arousal.

He closed his eyes, unable to control the blistering heat coursing through his veins at her touch.

“I need you inside me,” Halia breathed.

Daray’s eyes shot open. Her eyes were dark with need, her lips parted and swollen from his kisses. His mind blurred with her beauty.

“If I take you,” he answered, his voice holding a seriousness he never knew before. “You will be mine forever.”

“Like husband and wife the humans take?”


“Then take me, husband.” The words were barely from her lips when Daray lowered his head and pressed his mouth to hers. She kissed him with equal enthusiasm, fueling his desires. He moved his body over hers, and she automatically opened herself to him.

Daray groaned ferally as his arousal found the core of her. She was slick and hot for him. Halia tore her mouth from his and pushed her hips up to his.

“Please,” she moaned.

Daray found her gaze as he slid slowly into Halia for the first time. She gasped, her eyes glowing bright as he felt his eyes do the same. Neither moved. Warm contentment filled him, soothing the ache and constant pounding that ripped through him since he fell from heavens.

Slowly Halia pushed against him and that now familiar desire rushed through him once more almost sending him over the edge. He pushed back against her. They found a rhythm as they made love, the beat of eternity, the pulse of love since time was created.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-938257-13-1
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 05/31/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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