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Good Medicine

Author(s): Mary Winter

Good Medicine by Mary Winter
genre: erotic contemporary romance
length: novella
cover art by Celia Kyle

Sadie Grissom is still reeling from Devon Markier III purchasing the vet clinic where she works. The practice could have been hers if Sadie had been able to secure funding. She's torn between thankfulness at still having a job and trying to cope with the Devon's privileged upbringing and playboy lifestyle.

Devon bought the clinic to have a place away from his family to practice his veterinary work. The fact that the sexy Sadie came with the facility is a major bonus. He knows she sees him as her boss but he wants much more than a simple business relationship.

This hot doctor is going to prove to Sadie that love is the best medicine of all.

This title is a revised and updated version of a book previously published as "Money Man."


When Sadie thought about her perfect Friday night, she didn't imagine herself covered with manure and blood. She should have been used to it by now. Working as a vet in a small town just outside of Kansas City meant she would tend to a child's hamster on one appointment and the very next one would send her out to vaccinate cattle. Or as in this case, stitch up a badly wounded calf.

Sadie unlocked the door and slipped inside the veterinary office, ignoring the sign out front that had Dr. Devon Markier III, DVM listed as the owner. The banking gods had frowned on her purchasing this clinic, never mind that Devon and she were the same age. Being from a wealthy family had its perks in this town.

She closed the door behind her, wishing she could just as easily shut out her uncharitable thoughts about her boss. Humming equipment provided the only sounds in the dark office, illuminated only by the soft glow of safety lights over the exits. From memory, she made her way to the locker room. Her shoes squished across the linoleum. For a moment, she debated about going home, but she wanted to document the call and leave notes for Devon since he'd be working tomorrow. And she really didn't want to bring the mess clinging to her coveralls home with her.

That calf had been tangled in barbed wire, and Sadie didn't even want to contemplate the number of stitches she'd put in the wounded animal's body. She'd administered fluids and antibiotics, finally proclaiming the creature stable enough for her to leave. Had the calf been anything but a 4-H project, she probably would have just put it down, but looking into the tear-filled brown eyes of the creature's eight-year-old owner had made that impossible. She hoped the tiny thing made it through the night.

A small light shone through the open bathroom door. Devon must have left it on for her. She tried not to be thankful he had, nor contemplate the thoughtfulness the gesture. It was much easier to dwell on the fact that she hadn't been able to muster the funds to buy out Dr. Kirkpatrick's half of the vet practice when he had retired. Devon and his thoughtful gestures could go straight to hell. But damn, he'd look good going.

Sadie headed for the light like a beacon, dragging her tired body along with her. Turning the corner, she stopped. Devon stood in front of the sink, rinsing off a razor. His sable hair still dripped water where it curled along the back of his neck. She followed a drop along the long line of his naked back, tanned and muscled, to where the blue waistband of his designer underwear soaked up the bit of moisture.

Sadie's mouth went dry.

Dressed, Devon Markier III looked like he stepped off a male fashion show runway. which was why she probably was angrier at him for buying out the vet practice than she should have been. Wearing only a pair of very high-cut briefs, he looked like a dream come to life. And she hated herself for having those dreams.

"I'm sorry." Sadie backed away from the door, her breath whooshing from her lungs.

He turned his piercing blue stare on her and smiled. "Sadie, you're back. I thought you would probably head back to your place since it's so late. I'll be out of here in a minute. Had a guinea pig with an abscess that came in at the last minute, and I wanted to clean up before heading out."

Sadie pressed her back against the wall, fiercely staring anywhere but toward the door from which Devon's voice emerged. She sucked in gulps of air. With each breath, she reminded herself that she worked for Devon. The fact she lusted after his body didn't change a thing. Not their employer-employee relationship and certainly not the fact that his family money had obtained the vet practice for him. She heard rustling from the small bathroom, and a few moments later, Devon emerged wearing only a worn pair of jeans and carrying the rest of his clothing.

He glanced over her dirty coveralls. The heat of his gaze burned through her, and even reeking of cow and covered with blood and fluids, Devon's focused held the power to make her breath catch in her throat. Water over the bridge, under the bridge. It doesn't really matter. We're from two different worlds. I put myself through vet school, and he was born with the platinum spoon in his mouth. I've been through that once and won't do it again. "Thanks," she muttered, racing into the room and closing the door behind her.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9820050-0-2
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 08/16/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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