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Hearts Interlocking

Author(s): Monica L. Anderson

Hearts Interlocking by Monica L. Anderson
young adult, gay paranormal romance (across time)
Novella, approximately 16,000 words
Release Date 08/14/14
Cover art by Charmed Chicken, Ltd.

A hundred years apart two young men share the same fate–forced to leave town by abusive family members.

For Elliot, though, it isn’t that easy and when he discovers Wolfgang at the train station, he finds more than a friend.

But time waits for no man and the distance between them is too great. When Elliot is attacked by his mother, everything changes, and in a moment, he could lose Wolfgang and everything he’s always known.


“That’s not my boy!” Elliot’s mother shouted from the stands. Some words slurred together. “My boy would’ve made that pass.”

Elliot looked down at the traitorous hands that had thrown an interception.

“Don’t sweat it, man.” His friend and center AJ Linus patted him on the shoulder. “It’s just one play.”

“Could cost us the game.” Elliot grumbled. Something sharp flopped around in his gut and he clenched to keep down his dinner.

“It’s just one game.”

Elliot followed AJ off the field, keeping his head down as they crossed the sideline. He hoped no one would say anything. He dreaded sympathy more than hatred. The dark looks, he deserved.

Coach Tyson caught his arm just as Elliot’s mom cried out, “Lose this game and you’re grounded, you little shit.” The football stadium wasn’t very big, just a field and a track with a few aluminum bleachers along the outside. Her words echoed everywhere: in the stands, on the field – hell, probably even in the parking lot.

Coach’s grip loosened. “Keep your head up out there,” he said and shoved Elliot away.

Elliot looked up. He’d been expecting more.

“Be careful.” Coach turned his attention back to the game.

The rest of the team parted wordlessly out of his way as he walked to the bench and plopped down.

Beside him, AJ cradled his helmet in his lap. Soaked in sweat, his black hair clung to his forehead. Pushing his fingers through it, it stuck straight up like he’d put his finger in an electrical outlet.  A girl in the stands catcalled him, and he turned to wave, flashing her a cocksure grin.

“That could have been for me, you know,” Elliot said as he unsnapped his chin strap.

“It was a chick, dude.”


“Come on. You ain’t fooling anyone.”

Elliot shook his head. “I think I do okay. I fooled you.”

“Yeah, thanks for that.” Grabbing a water bottle, AJ handed it to Elliot before grabbing one for himself.  “I thought we were friends.”

“We are. That’s why I told you.”

“Last year.” AJ winked at the girl in the stands behind them. “You kept it a secret long enough.”

Elliot hushed him. “Keep your voice down.”

“Calm down, dude. I’m not going to tell anyone.” Under his breath, he added, “Like they don’t already know.”

“Mom doesn’t. And that’s the -”

“Speaking of…” AJ interrupted him, pointing back to the stands just as Elliot’s mother shrieked.

“Elliot! Elliot, get over here!”

Elliot shook his head. It was against the rules to go to the stands during the game. Coach had already disciplined him twice for it, and Elliot was tired of running an extra ten laps around the field after games.

“Elliot Warren Gardner, you get your ass over here!”

“Better go, dude.” AJ frowned. “I don’t want to see you with a black eye again.”

“That wasn’t her.” Elliot lied.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Elliot took a deep breath, then stood and approached his mother. As soon as he stepped within reach, she hit him upside his helmeted head.

“Make another play like that and you’re sleeping on the lawn, you understand?”


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Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 08/13/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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