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Meditation Mama: Your Guide To A Positive Pregnancy

Author(s): Sasha Vivelo

nonfiction, health, pregnancy, babies
full-length book, 150 pages
Cover Art by Winterheart Design

While pregnant with her daughter, Sasha Vivelo learned to converse with her baby’s higher self, a wise being who taught her about the spiritual significance of motherhood and the baby’s journey into the world. With six long guided meditations and ten shorter activities, Meditation Mama is a practical book and audio set designed to give you the tools to live each day of your pregnancy in peace, relaxation and understanding. Built upon Sasha’s experiences teaching women to meditate and connect with their unborn babies, this book also includes question-and-answer sections about the spiritual aspects of new parenthood and connection with the spirit of your unborn child, as well as a discussion of how and why meditation can help you have a more enjoyable pregnancy. With Meditation Mama, get to know your baby on a soul level, visualize your gentle birthing, prepare for motherhood emotionally and spiritually, and relax and enjoy your pregnancy to the utmost.

Meditation During Pregnancy

Meditation has the power to make us whole. When we give and receive love, we shine. We become the pure beings of light that we were born to be. There are dozens of types of meditation. Some are complicated and methodical. Others only ask you to sit still and wait. It does not matter what method you choose. Meditation simply means allowing the mind to become quiet and allowing your true nature to shine through.

This book contains guided meditations to help you to relax, enjoy your pregnancy and feel deeply connected with your unborn child.

It is common to feel confused or frightened when you are pregnant, planning for a pregnancy or even thinking about the distant possibility of future children. We spend much of our everyday lives struggling to get the next thing done and to strike the next item off our to-do list; we often fail to hear the quiet voice within. The quiet voice within always speaks in our best interest. That inner voice does not speak in words but it has a way of whispering that everything is going to be okay. Stripped to its bare bones, meditation is the calming of all the loud, clamorous thoughts so we can hear the whisper. Meditation is the stilling of the mind.

Meditation is listening.

When you practice the meditations given here, you will have an opportunity to listen to yourself in a way that will help you gain understanding of what you need most as a mother-to-be. You will have an opportunity to listen to the spirit or essence of your unborn child, which will help you to feel empowered as a mother. You will also have the opportunity to listen to your angels, your guides or whatever you choose to call your spiritual helpers, who will assist you in finding peace along the path to motherhood.

Meditation for pregnancy is simply meditation tailored to the expectant mother or to the future parent hoping to conceive. It makes use of ancient wisdom. For thousands of years, sages have known that a few minutes spent in quiet contemplation can make a world of difference to our outlook on life. In modern times, research has proven that meditation reduces stress and helps us to be healthier overall.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to approach meditation during pregnancy. The meditations included in this book are a form of directed relaxation of body and mind. They make use of what is known as guided imagery, which means that they describe scenarios for you to visualize along with positive, healing thoughts, feelings and sensations for you to imagine in your body. Listening to guided imagery requires no work on your part whatsoever. When you listen, your only job is to relax.

There are several ways to use the meditations. You can have a partner read the meditations aloud to you. Alternatively, you can record yourself reading the meditations aloud and play back the recording while you receive the peaceful messages in your own voice. Or you can sit quietly and read the meditations yourself, pausing frequently to allow your mind to be still and absorb the words. There is no single right way to do it. Whatever way you choose will be the right way for you. The catchphrase for meditation during pregnancy is trust yourself.

The Cradle Wisdom section following each meditation comes from channeled conversations with my daughter’s spirit prior to her birth. Each one offers information lovingly conveyed by a compassionate being whose desire to contribute to the world has led her to make the choice to enter a human life. I want to stress once again that your connection with your baby’s spirit may not look, sound, or feel exactly the way mine did. Your connection may not come in the form of words. It might be a feeling, an image of lights and colors, or even a scent. I present my baby’s pre-birth communications as one example out of a vast range of what you might experience and share with your baby.

Throughout the book, I refer to the energetic or spiritual selves of unborn babies as spirit babies. In several instances, I also say your baby’s spirit to indicate your particular spirit baby. The information in this book works for a baby of either sex. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve chosen the pronoun “her.”

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-938257-11-7
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-938257-11-7
Genre: Non-Fiction
Date Published: 07/19/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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