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My Bad Boy Biker

Author(s): Sam Crescent

My Bad Boy Biker by Sam Crescent
Part of the Boys of Summer anthology
short novella (approx 12000 words)
erotic contemporary romance
Cover art by Winterheart Design
Release Date: 10/11/12

Mandy Straus is looking for a distraction. She’s quit her job and escaped her lecherous boss, it’s Friday, and for once, she doesn’t want to be a good girl. A drink and a lay is what she wants to knock out her dull sense of routine.
Leather-and-denim-clad Dan Sawyer fits the bad-boy image Mandy hungers for. He likes his women fast and easy. Though Mandy isn’t prepared for his gritty speech and steamy moves, she goes with the burn of attraction she feels.
One night soon turns into a weekend. However, there is more to Dan than meets the eye. Can Mandy find it in her heart to forgive him for the secret he harbors concerning her? Is it possible for a bad boy and a good girl to have a future?


Mandy Straus slung back another shot of vodka and slid the glass to the bartender. “Fill her up,” she said and tapped her hands on the bar. Tonight was special. In the last five years since leaving high school, she’d been working for a lecherous snake of a man who’d done nothing but hit on her and make her uncomfortable. After all this time, she’d stood up to him in front of his wife and told him to keep his wandering hands to himself and to stick his job up his ass.

“You’re looking a little out of sorts,” Bill, the barman, said.

“Not at all. I’m out of a job, but I don’t have to deal with sexual harassment anymore.” She raised her glass and gave him a salute. Mandy intended to get pissed, maybe do something completely out of character like screw the first man she saw. At least a man she could stomach first thing in the morning.

“I’ll get you another one. On the house this time,” Bill said to her. Mandy gave him a dazzling smile and flipped her long hair over her shoulder. The straight brown locks were a nightmare to keep tidy but she loved having long hair. When she sat on her bed brushing out the strands, the motion gave her a sense of peace not many people could find.

Bill came back with her drink.

“Thanks.” She took sips rather than knocking it back. Mandy glanced at the reflection in the mirror and wondered what the hell she was going to do. Yes, she’d quit her job and felt liberated for her trouble. What was she going to do about work?

A commotion behind her made her turn around. Bill cursed. There wasn’t anything of interest that she could see, and she went back to her drink.

“Tonight’s going to be a fucking nightmare,” Bill muttered.

Sighing in frustration, she turned back to the scene. A large man stood just inside the doorway with his arms folded. Tattoos ran up and down both arms, the muscles the same size as her legs combined. He looked cocky, arrogant and dangerous. All three were a combination she despised in a man. Having no interest, she spun in her seat and drank down her shot. Bill stood near her, glaring at the man.

“What’s with you?” she asked.

“He causes trouble wherever he goes. A biker. A thug and a pain in my fucking ass,” he growled.

“Never seen him before.”

“That’s because you’re a good girl and never come to this part of town on the rowdiest nights. Give it a few hours and you’ll see. Dan Sawyer is a royal fucking pest. I hate the summer. Brings all the fucking criminals out.” Bill handed her another drink and walked away.

He’s so dramatic.

Intrigued by the man who’d gotten to Bill, Mandy grabbed her drink and walked over to a booth in the far corner. She wasn’t up for company, and it gave her a decent view of the room. Men and women danced to a country tune as other groups played pool or drank beer. Bill had been right. She didn’t go out on Friday or most of the days that were high-risk for social interaction.

Growing up in a family with three older brothers and two prettier sisters, she’d felt like an outcast. Being the late arrival in the family, she’d never felt a part of it, as she didn’t achieve as much as the others. Most of her family were high achievers who craved respectability of the highest order. Even though her family did everything to include her. She wasn’t designed to crave attention as they did.

The only outrageous thing that happened in her family was with her oldest brother, Rick. He’d disappeared a few years back with one of his friends—she couldn’t remember his name - only to return and settle down as best as he could. They’d stayed in touch via letters, and she recalled sending him some pictures to help him with his travels. That was the extent of her family’s blackened name.

Most of the time, she was happy to lay back, read a good book, and let the world go by. The lecherous boss had been the only interesting thing to happen to her. She sighed and took another sip of her drink. The effects of the alcohol were warming her from the inside out. However, Bill had also been a good friend to Rick, and she’d seen him water down the strong liquor with water.

At least he didn’t charge her the same rate as a full shot.

“Stupid,” she muttered to herself.

“What’s stupid, darling?” Dan Sawyer asked from his position against the booth where Mandy sat. He must have moved closer while she was away with her own thoughts.

“Nothing,” she said. Putting the glass to her lips, she tossed the contents back with a flick of her head as if she had nothing better to do than get drunk. Without asking permission, Dan moved into the seat opposite her. His presence invaded every corner of her quiet booth.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

He didn’t say anything and just stared, making her uncomfortable. Mandy glanced around the room, but everyone seemed oblivious to her. Even Bill.

“I wanted to come and sit with a gorgeous woman.”

She ignored him and made to vacate the booth. Dan reached over and grabbed her arm, stopping her from leaving.

“Don’t go,” he said.

“I don’t want you here,” she said.

“I don’t want to go anywhere else.” The hand holding her arm moved down in a caress to entwine their fingers. “Your skin is so soft.”

“Do you seriously think I don’t see through this?”

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 10/11/2012
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