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Of Men and Their Dogs

Author(s): Ariel Kirby, J.R. Barten

Of Men And Their Dogs
erotic romance anthology (M/M and M/F)
Release Date 07/31/14
Cover art by Winterheart Design

A man and his dog. The two seem inseparable, like a cowboy and his horse. In these two erotic romance stories, the heroes are animal lovers and it’s their four-legged friends who bring the couple together.

In Puppy Love, an unlikely canine couple bring together their owners, two guys who discover something far deeper and longer lasting than puppy love.

In Fetching Romance, a runaway Great Dane causes a collision that makes sparks fly.


Fetching Romance

Kelsey Moss rounded the corner of Smith Street in a full sprint. It was seven in the morning, and she felt like the only person in the world. The brisk air caused a sting in her lungs and made the skin on her arm prickle. Yet, somehow, she was sweating as she rounded another corner. Only one more lap to go, and her daily mile would be finished.

As she picked up her pace for the final stretch, Kelsey was pummeled into the ground by something large, brown, and wet. Her heart was pumping, her legs started to burn, and when she tried to move she was pinned by two massive paws that dug into her shoulders.

“Oh my God, are you alright?” Tears stung her eyes, but she couldn’t be angry at the beast. It seemed to know it did something wrong and started licking her face.

“I get it your sorry,” she muttered, giving the giant a friendly pat on the head. She could hear its owner approaching, but couldn’t see past the dog’s massive skull. It was a beautiful Great Dane. If only it would get off her so she could stand.

“Bella, for Christ’s sake. You’re starting to weigh a ton.” Two muscular arms hauled the beast off her, and Kelsey found herself looking up at the spitting image of a Greek God. “Sorry about that. She gave me the slip when I went to turn on the hose. I’m surprised though, she doesn’t usually like strangers. Want a hand?”

It wasn’t often Kelsey found herself speechless. She used to be a reporter in New York City for heaven’s sake, but when the dog’s half naked owner crouched to eye level she found she couldn’t breathe let alone form a decent reply.

It was the third day of spring, and the air was still brisk with winter’s lingering chill, yet there he was, dressed in nothing but tan pajama bottoms and tennis shoes. As much as common decency would warrant otherwise, she found her eyes transfixed at the spot just below his navel where the top of his waistband rested, barely covering his manhood.

“Ah, I guess a… ah…” She turned her face away as heat traveled up the length of her body to her cheeks. This was not the way she pictured her first week in a new town. “You’re wet… I mean… your pants are soaked and…” She could practically see right through them.

“My pants… oh hell.” He laughed awkwardly, and she directed her gaze up toward his face once more. The man had to be in his early thirties, but still had a boyish grin that contradicted the silver streaks lining his chestnut colored hair. “Well, I was giving the lady here, a bath.” The dog gave an enthusiastic bark and wagged her tail. What an odd pair.

Kelsey forced herself to her feet, letting out a screech as the muscles in her leg contorted, and hot prickling pain started making its way up the back of her left calf. She fell back on her bottom, and the stranger rushed to her side as she hugged her leg to her chest. “Let me help you. Just straighten your leg.” His chocolate colored eyes were lit with concern and determination. Still, she didn’t want to move.

“Trust me,” he told her gently, and even though she’d just met him, she relinquished her hold. The man grasped her leg and guided it forward. She was about to let out a protest, until his hands started to massage the tender muscle, which caused a whole new sensation to take hold.

She didn’t even know his name, and yet she couldn’t help but imagine his hand moving up her calf and caressing her inner thigh. From there, the modern Adonis would ravish her right there on that street corner. She trembled at the thought, and tried to shake the image from her mind.

“You’re really good with your hands,” she told him and, thankfully, he laughed, a rich attractive roar. Talk about making a positive first impression.

“I haven’t heard that in a long time, Miss…?”


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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 07/31/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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