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The Fallen Fae

Author(s): Connie Wood

sensual paranormal fae romance novella
approx 27K
cover art by Valerie Tibbs

Shae is a fallen angel seeking salvation through a woman promised to him in return for services rendered long ago. Aleta is unaware she is the payment of a deal made between her grandfather and the Fae. With her grandfather gone she discovers a faerie stone allowing Shae to come to her and set their destiny in motion.

Will she be his salvation, or will their love hold them both in eternal damnation?


Shae stepped to the edge of Heaven. His wings itched as he forced himself to keep them close to his body. He longed to take that final step to take flight. To feel that freedom he secretly yearned for. He looked up into the deep azure sky; the light was different beyond the realms of Heaven. The sun burned in the distance, and he shielded his pale ivory eyes. The sun did not shine quite so brightly in his world. A light hue enveloped everything that surrounded him. No day or night, certain dark or light existed here. Only a constant, hazy light permeating everything, all the time, including him.

A foreign longing jolted through his body, settling deep within his heart. It pounded slowly through his veins, and the longer he stood at the precipice of the unknown, the stronger it became. A taste of freedom, of something different was all he wanted. Just for one moment in time, in his eternal existence he wanted to feel the sun warm his skin, the air cool his body as he glided through the heavens. The thought provoked him. Shae stretched his wings wide across his back.

“Shae, my brother. I can feel this need, this longing burning deep within you. But I must caution you against this. Please, do not go.”

Shae spun around, not bothering to retract his wings. The Archangel Michael stood before him in all his serene beauty—just like the rest of his kind, physical perfection with the awe of the knowledge of the universe etched across his face. His pale eyes matched the exact same colour as Shae’s own. Everyone in the angelic realms had the same hauntingly beautiful eyes. Only in Michael’s case, they held a friendship and love that most lacked. All the angels were love and hope personified, but also all-knowing and the embodiment of peace. Strong emotion was rare, and the ones who had shown such emotion to date had met with undesirable consequences which had never been foretold in the history of all. Michael narrowed his concerned eyes at Shae and took his typical warrior’s stance, legs apart, muscular arms folded across an equally muscular chest. His infamous staff tucked safely under his arm, his gleaming sword in the other. While perfect in form, Shae knew him to be battle scarred and knowledgeable in ways most were unable to face.

Shae did not try to hide his feelings from his life-long friend, knowing only too well Michael knew the state of his heart better than he himself did.

“Michael, I am a guardian angel without someone to protect. I have waited patiently for millennia for a precious soul to be assigned to me. But the years have passed with others being sent to the earthly planes, while I sit here with no purpose, nothing. What would you have me do?”

“I have already cautioned Daray and the others about this course of action, the angelic brethren are in turmoil. Daray along with his fellow guardian angels run with an emotional fever.” Michael said, stepping forward, and Shae finally drew in his wings, tucking them neatly behind his bare, muscular back. “I have defeated Lucifer and took up arms against him, even though it broke my heart to do so. Do not make me do it to you too, brother.” He unfolded his arms and opened them imploringly towards Shae in an act of friendship. “I know of your desire. You know not the consequences of those actions.”

Shae flared up in unexpected emotion—an emotion so new and unknown to him. After an eternity of serenity and peace, any other emotion had the capacity to strip him of his normality and leave him raw. “I do not want what Lucifer wanted. I only seek….” He trailed off, unsure of what he actually did want. He only knew this new incessant yearning in his heart made him want to do something.

“I have warned you. Whatever happens, go with God, as I will always stand by mine.” Michael’s eyes were pleading and filled with a little pity as he turned to leave.

Shae watched the Archangel until his scarred muscular back disappeared. His brain understood his friend’s caution, but the seed of longing now grew within him. He turned once again to the gates that lay open yet still held him prisoner. Then he heard it, laughter pure and simple, outside in the vast open world. It called to him.

Caution clutched at his heart for an instant as Michael’s words echoed through his mind. Those words held a futility in comparison to the base craving awakening as the sounds of merriment infused his heart.

Holding his breath, Shae stepped forward, stretched his niveous feathered wings, and stepped off the precipice. He soared through the clear azure sky, the heat of the sun warming his tingling skin. Peace and serenity washed over him. For the first time in his eternal existence, he felt freedom. It seeped into his very soul, pure and joyous. It sounded different to his ears out in the open spaces of this foreign world. A world he watched closely with its physical beauty. That strange longing beat harder through to his very heart.

He held a position on the lowest sphere of the angel rankings, and his freedom had always been curtailed. How he secretly envied the free will of man. They seemed so full of passion and excitement.

He closed his eyes, letting the wind rush around him. As he sailed through the sky, and for the first time ever, no thoughts wracked his mind. The incessant droning of the sounds of the universe finally silenced. He sighed in pleasure. This taste of freedom was his slice of Heaven, and he knew it could only last a heartbeat in his eternal world.

He soared toward the sun, its warmth heating his face. He took a deep breath and, resigned to the fact that this was only a split second of freedom, he headed home.

He felt it before he heard it. A scream pierced the silence of the sky. He flung his eyes open and looked around to see the source of such soul-searing agony.

Pain assailed him, and he stilled in midair, unable to move through the torture wracking his body. He turned toward his home. The gates of Heaven lay only meters away. He tried to move, to get home, but could not move through the baptism of fire.

Archangel Michael stood in solemn silence, his pale ivory eyes filled with tears. “I tried to warn you, my friend. My heart is always with you.”

Michael raised his saber in one hand and his sword high above his head with the other. Tears streamed down his face, and he banged his saber down onto the cold, white marble floor. Shae knew he was doomed the instant the saber hit the ground. A tidal wave of despair and dismay struck him hard, sending him reeling.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-938257-02-5
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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