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Keeper, The

Author(s): Diane Merlin

For millennia Barrus has been recurrently devastated by the passage of a comet through its solar system. Every three hundred years the comet wipes out the trappings of civilization, throwing them back into a primitive state. This time a radical plan has been put into place. Twenty-seven young men—Keepers—have been conditioned since early childhood to learn, protect, and impart the sum total of their culture to the survivors of the destruction. As one of the Keepers, Taren is confident in his methods and abilities…until he meets Ami.

When she crashes her probe onto the little known planet, Ami has no idea her life is about to change forever. No amount of training could have prepared her for the man who rescues her, or the realization that civilization is not defined by technology but by the integrity of its people.

As diverse as two people could be, Taren and Ami struggle to heal a planet, stop a madman, and come to grips with a love that won't be denied.



His words sent her temperature up about ten degrees. "Tell me what we do in your dreams, Taren."

"I don't think I—"

"Please. I'll tell you if you tell me. We'll take turns."

"You dream of me?" His heart thudded at her revelation.


"You go first."

"Okay, my big brave warrior." She ran her hand from his shoulder down to his waist and back up under his clothing, caressing his warm bare flesh. "I dream of you standing over me: naked, sweating from your morning workout, desire for me in your eyes. Your turn."

"I dream of you in the hot pool, a bathing cloth leaving trails of soap as it passes over every curve and valley." Taren lightly skimmed her thigh, over her ass and up her back.

"I dream I kneel before you, touching your body." Her breathing became shallow.

"My hands take the place of the cloth." Perspiration dotted his forehead as his wandering hand closed over the full softness of her breast. Ecstasy.

"You lift me to my feet and kiss me. Somehow, I, too, am naked, and our bodies touch everywhere as we press close to one another. My lips and tongue follow the path my hands have recently traveled. I lick your hard flat nipples and rub my stomach against your erection." Burrowing beneath his shirt, Ami's actions mimicked her words.

"I bury my face in the juncture of your thighs, breathing in the essence of your womanhood." Taren held his breath, awaiting her reaction to that revelation.

Ami clinched her thighs together in a vain attempt to lessen the pulse of desire. "I whimper as your hands trace my body, and your mouth suckles my breast."

"I grip your thighs and open them to the explorations of my hand. I find you wet and hot."

"I can no longer resist touching your hardness, exploring its rigid length, velvet tip…"

"You cry out my name. My body begs for release…"

"You lower us to the soft grasses of the forest clearing…"

"I step into the deep water and bring your legs around my waist…"

"You cover me with your weight. I welcome you into my body…"

"My straining body slides into your own…"

"Then I wake up."

"What?" Taren came back to reality with a thud. Panting, their clothing was awry, and their hands were in some very compromising spots.

"I guess my mind feels it could never come up to the reality of making love to you, so it always stops at that point." Ami shrugged against him.




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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-291-7
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 02/12/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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