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Keeping Sir Thorne (Rose and Thorne)

Author(s): Sean Michael

It's been nearly a year since Rose and Thorne met and things are going really well. They love their jobs at the tattoo parlor, they're thinking of spending some time volunteering, and their love is flourishing, in the bedroom and out of it!

Rose is still somewhat hesitant about the things he and Thorne enjoy together, though. He's been brought up to think that things like spanking during sex are weird. Will Thorne be able to convince him that whatever gets them off together is perfectly normal for them? And if he does, will Rose be able to take the next step -- calling Thorne Sir?

Find out in this conclusion to the Rose and Thorne saga.


Keeping Sir Thorne (Rose and Thorne 3)
Sean Michael
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Sean Michael

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Thorne cleaned up his station, watching Rose out of the corner of his eye.

Rosie was joking with the man whose nipples he was piercing, reassuring the guy that they'd be so much fun once they'd healed. His Rose could certainly attest to that. He had two in his right nipple and one in the left. They'd be putting the second in the left soon, and then Thorne would bring up the subject of a Prince Albert, a couple of guiches and a penile ladder.

Not all at once, of course. Rose was more receptive to things if they weren't sprung on him.

Thorne chuckled to himself. They'd been together for close to a year and his dear, sweet Rosie still wouldn't admit he liked to play as much as Thorne did, that Thorne was the Top to Rose's bottom.

When Rosie was done with his client, he walked the man up to the cash register, shook his hand, and came back to clean the piercing station. Thorne moved into step with his gorgeous lover.

"You ready to go have a late supper with my friend?" Thorne had set up a meeting between Rose and a friend of his who ran a GLBT club for youth. Thorne thought his Rosie would get a lot out of volunteering. And the kids would benefit from having someone who could teach them how to work out, how to eat properly.

"I am." Rose gave him a warm, happy smile, his big, muscled lover looking more and more beautiful every day.

"Good. I can't wait for you to meet Jeff and get something set up with the kids."

"You know I like teenagers." Rosie cleaned his station, careful and meticulous. Rosie had turned into quite a good piercer. Caring, conscientious, and clean.

"I think they'll be thrilled to have someone who knows what they're doing teach them how to work out." Thorne had certainly benefited from knowing Rosie when it came to workouts. Among other things.

Thorne slid his hand along Rosie's back. Rosie leaned into him, just the slightest bit. Fuck, he loved this man. His Rosie.

He let his hand drop to Rosie's ass and smacked it gently. "Come on, then. We're meeting him at the Unicorn."

"No smacking." Rosie chuckled, grabbed his bag, and followed, whistling happily.

"I like smacking." He bumped their hips together. "So do you."

"I do not." It was Rose's immediate answer to the topic whenever it came up.

"Uh-huh." He'd remind Rosie of how much he enjoyed the smacking when they got home.

"You're in a good mood. We going to get to do more work on my ink soon?" Rosie asked.

"I have a block of time tomorrow without appointments. I'll tell Warren I won't be available for walk-ins." He'd already turned the blurry little rose on Rosie's hip into a stunning rose and was working out from it, freehand.

"Cool. I like that." Rosie liked the inking. The endorphins. The pain. Sex after a session, inking or piercing, was always wild, wonderful.

Now if Thorne could make that connection happen in Rose's head, about the pain being good in sex as well as when inking and piercing... His Rose was going to be an amazing sub. He was already the best lover, partner, and friend. When they explored this need they kept tiptoeing around...

He took Rose's hand as they walked to the pub together. Rose squeezed his fingers, smiling at Len and Marc, Jean-Luc and Loic as they entered the bar. They had friends now, and that made Thorne smile. Jeff was waiting for them at one of the booths and Thorne made his way over, Rose in his wake.

Jeff stood, eyes admiring Rosie. "Hey, guys."

Thorne gave him a quick hug. "Hey. I hope you haven't been waiting long."

"No. Not long at all. Just enough to start a beer."

"Beer sounds good. You want a draft, Rosie?"

"No thank you. I'll take a water and a Red Bull."

Thorne got their waiter's attention, ordered their drinks and potpies for both of them. Jeff wound up ordering one as well.

"So. I was telling Rosie you wanted him to run a workshop on body building for the kids."

"God, yes. These kids need something to do with all this aggression and energy they have, and weight lifting is a great way to do that."

Rosie nodded. "I won't coach for competitions, you understand that, right?"

"Yeah, I get that. It would mean an awful lot to the kids, though, to have someone like you work with them. Being in shape and eating right are two huge things that will help their self-esteem."

Rose nodded. "I'd love that. Really. How many days a week?"

That made Jeff laugh softly before saying, "How much time can you spare?"

Thorne grinned. Jeff was always humping hard for volunteers. "If you could get your own workout in at the same time, Rosie, you could spend more time helping out."

"You just don't want me at the gym with the guys." Rose had a point. Those guys were always pushing Rose to compete, to destroy that perfect, wonderful body with crazy diets and even crazier shots of hormones and steroids and all manner of crap.

Thorne was honest enough to shrug. "Two birds, one stone?"

Jeff snorted. "Can you give me three hours a week, man? Monday, Wednesday, Friday?"

Rosie shook his head. "Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday belongs to me and Thorne."

Thorne nodded, hand sliding over Rosie's thigh. Monday did indeed belong to them. Sunday and Monday were private. Theirs. Sometimes they never even left the apartment at all on those days.

"We're free in the morning, but not too early." They started work at two and went 'til late. Especially Friday and Saturday nights when there'd be work right until closing.

"Nineish?" suggested Jeff.

Rosie shrugged, then shook his head. "Let's shoot for ten."

Thorne nodded and patted Rosie's thigh. They did like to snuggle in the mornings.

Jeff laughed. "Okay, that works. Can you start Tuesday next week?"

"I can, yeah. Do you have equipment and stuff?"

"Yeah. We had a gym that was renovating donate us some of their old equipment. We've put it in a corner of the gymnasium at the Center."

"Good deal." Rosie leaned back as the drinks came. "It's cool, man. You helping folks."

"And now you are, too. I think you'll find it's a good feeling. Now we just have to figure out what Thorne will do to help out while you're showing off with the weight training." Jeff turned that smile on him.

"Me?" Thorne asked. He hadn't expected that, though, knowing Jeff, he supposed he should have.

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