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Kiss Of Freedom

Author(s): K.A. Roberts

A young Irish peasant with an insatiable curiosity, Erina hides behind her smiles and laughter, but she feels alone in the world.  Her village has been plagued with horrific Viking raids since she was a child, resulting in the loss of her parents and many friends.  Now, it's better to be alone than risk the possible loss of a spouse or child. And then she meets Liam, who makes her re-think her philosophy on life and love.
Liam has played the role of faithful son, prince and Tuatha de Danann warrior for more than a thousand centuries.  He waits in the permanent twilight of Faerie for the day that his people may be forgiven, to walk once more as mortals. 
 Fueled by Erina’s curiosity, and the passion to survive, together they battle not only the Vikings that are being led by a terrible War Goddess, but also their own personal demons.
He met her eyes and shook his head. Erina's look was enough to break his soul.
He enveloped her in his arms and breathed butterfly kisses down her neck. There were no thoughts in his head as he laid her down against the dewy moss. The song became a scream against his mind. The invisible claw scraped away at his sanity. He rose up to his elbows and brushed a few loose strands of her hair away from her porcelain face.
She tightened her arms around his neck as if she was drowning and he was her salvation. He kissed her eyelashes, her nose, her cheeks and finally her lips. He needed to remember as much of her as possible. A faint sprinkle of freckles danced across her nose and cheeks. Sweet Erina. He might have just fallen a little more in love. Someday he would find every freckle and mark it with a kiss.
The fiddles still hung in the air. He could feel their whispered words of courage, but the screaming pain of Faerie forced him to move.
"My sweet, please wait for me here." His voice was a harsh whisper. He added, "Wait for me here, against the ocean's edge, the moon round and full, I will be here for you." He forgot his words when Erina covered her lips with his. The call of Faerie beat into him. He could not fight the searing pain that burned his sanity. "Say you'll meet me, please, I have to go."
She nodded. "Aye, I will be here, I will wait." He kissed her once more, and pushed himself to his feet. He dove off the cliff and into the ocean's depth. He left his heart on Ireland's grassy shores.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781926996868
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 02/06/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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