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Love is Forever

Author(s): Kimber Lynn

Brent Favor has a beloved wife and two young children he adores. The unthinkable happens and he is forced to cope and do the best raising his children alone. Brent’s coping with what life dealt him the best he can. The one thing he can't seem to let go even if he tries is his beloved wife. As the madness consumes Brent like fire, he has flashbacks. Strange things start to happen, in his would be, same old, day to day life. The weirdest and strangest thing of all, people around Brent don't seem to realize his wife is dead. Brent's dead wife, not only seems to be very much alive, but she's taken over Brent's children and the house he once shared with his wife. Is Brent’s wife really dead? Or is Brent crazy?


It was a cold winter day, Brent Favor reluctantly stepped out the door of his small one-bedroom home and frowned when he made his way off the covered porch; his boot disappeared into a good six inches of snow that blanketed everything as far as the eye could see.        Brent servayed the  normally noisy neighborhood and thought it was eerily quiet.   He causiously walked across the snow-covered yard to his rustic GTO. His car didn’t look like much but it got him where he needed to go. Brent made it to the driver side door but was too preoccupied with breaking the ice that had sealed over the keyhole that he was unprepared for what came next. A loud shriek pierced his ears and he quickly looked around. Instantaneously, Brent was hit in the face, chest and stomach by snowballs packed so tightly that he swore a million angry bees were all stinging at once.
      At first Brent stared, dumbfounded by the  two teenage culprits who had the nerve to throw snowballs at him. He knew these kids all too well, had watched them grow throughout the years and he never thought in his wildest dreams that they would do such a thing.  They lived next door to him and were not known to be troublemakers. More rounds of snowballs smacked Brent’s chest, he immediately got over the initial shock and was glad neither young ears nor his mom were present, for he let out a string of curse words that would make a sailor blush. He quickly yanked open the driver side door, dove inside like Bo Duke and slammed it shut. 
      Brent shivered uncontrollably from the cold. He looked in the mirror to see his once jet black  hair had turned white.  Brent brushed as much caked up snow off his coat, pant legs, face and hair, hands became numb and he quickly cranked up the car. He revved it up, blasted the heat, leaned back in the seat, and let it idle to warm up the car and himself. Snowballs smacked into the driver side window and Brent frowned in annoyance. He watched the windows slowly defrost, rolled it down, pointed right at the two teenage culprits and yelled, “Keep it up and you’ll find yourself a jail-bird! Do not think I cannot make it happen! I work as a jailer!   
      The two teenagers gaped at each other,dropped the remaining snowballs and then dashed into the house.Brent smiled, rolled the window back up and then cautiously made his way down the deserted road that was covered in slush. He eased out of the quiet neighborhood and shortly thereafter emerged with the morning commuters that drove down Highway 259. Brent turned up the radio, had Aerosmith blasting “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and loudly sang off key with the music. He tapped the steering wheel in tune with the music, continued down 259, past farmland and woods. After a good six miles he arrived at a fork in the road, cautiously turned left and then emerged onto a two-lane road that took him straight into the town of Mayfair. Brent drove a short distance, turned right, and slowly made his way into the parking lot of Mayfair’s Sheriff Department. He circled the nearly full parking lot and thanked his lucky stars when he spotted an empty space near the entrance of the brick building. Brent  smiled,  slowly pulled into the spot and cut off the engine. He yanked out his keys, briefly checked out his reflection in the review mirror. He then exits the car. He hurriedly, but cautiously made his way through the slush that covered the walkway and shortly thereafter entered the building.
Brent calmly led an irate male teenager down the hallway and said, “Well, son, if you did not highjack a car and made the stupid mistake of running from the boy’s in blue, you wouldn’t be spending the night here, now would you?”
      The irate teenager  jerked, twisted in Brent’s grasp and yelled, “I’m not your son! You don’t know your ass from your face because I was framed!”
      Brent calmly held the teenager fast, shook his head and replied, “Now, now Frankie. You know good and well as I do that you were not framed. You were caught red-handed.”
      Frankie jerked his head around,  glared up at Brent and stubbornly yelled, “No, man! I was freaking framed! Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and listen to me!” He narrowed his eyes and slowly drew out the words, “I…was…freaking…
      Brent firmly gripped  Frankie’s shoulders,  led him to an empty jail cell and replied, “You can save it for the judge. Maybe he’ll be more compassionate and actually buy your story.” He unlocked the cell’s door and firmly pushed Frankie inside. He immediately slammed it shut and locked it.
      Frankie stuck his skinny, tattooed arm through the bars and grasped Brent’s arm. He looked dejected and asked, “Do you really think the judge will buy my story?”
      Brent calmly pried Frankie’s hand away from his arm, slowly raised a brow and replied, “Not on your life. You were caught red-handed by the dashboard cams of the patrol cars.” He  watched the tough-guy façade slowly dissolve from Frankie’s face and in its place appeared a frightened boy.  Brent made a tisk, tisk sound and said, “Now isn’t the time to start being scared, Frankie Boy. You should have thought long and hard about the consequences of your foolish actions before you went and done them. Time to be a man and take whatever punishment the good judge gives you and learn from your mistakes.”  
Frankie looked defeated,  slowly nodded his head and replied, “Yeah, whatever man. Now go away and leave me alone.”
      Brent  wanted to say more, but he kept his mouth shut and nodded his head instead. He wordlessly made his way down the brightly lit hallway to the dispatcher’s area, stopped, and nonchalantly leaned against the long wraparound desk. Brent grabbed a peppermint from the candy bowl that was placed in the middle of the desk, unwrapped it, and popped the candy into his mouth. He caught the eye of a young, auburn-haired dispatcher with eyes of emerald green and asked, “Pardon me, is this your first day? Why I ask is because I haven’t seen you around here and trust me, I’d remember a pretty little thing like you.”
      Cally took in the handsome face of the very attractive jailer, from his jet black hair and eyes to his born with it golden tan and her cheeks flamed red with the direction her thoughts were were going. She cleared her throat and replied, “No, I, um, used to work the graveyard shift. But now I’m on the day shift.” Cally read the jailer’s nametag, swallowed hard and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Favor. I’m Callista, but everyone calls me Cally.”
      Brent stuck out his hand for Cally to shake, smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Cally. And, by all means, call me Brent.” He read Cally’s nametag, raised a brow and asked, “You’re not by any chance related to Sergeant Joseph Brentwood, are you?”
      Cally shook hands with Brent, smiled and replied, “Yes, he’s my brother.”
      Brent  nonchalantly rested his arms on the edge of the desk, smiled and changed the subject, “How old are you?”
      Cally swallowed hard, she could not believe Brent was actually interested in her and replied, “Twenty-one and legal.” She bit her full bottom lip and then asked, “And you?”
      Brent scratched the back of his neck and said, “Twenty-eight. In fact today is my birthday.” He smiled and asked, “So, what time do you usually get off?”
      Cally pressed her perfectly full lips together,  cleared her throat and replied, “I work twelve hour shifts, seven to seven.” She smiled and asked, “And you?”
      Brent scratched his brow and frowned.  He had to admit that he was disappointed that Cally did not get off the same time he did. Brent  had it all planned out that he would ask if she needed a ride home That way he could get to know Cally better and it would be non-threatening.
       Brent already knew most of everything about Cally which included where she lived, thanks to a fellow dispatcher who was eager to please and do what was asked of them without thought.. He didn’t tell Cally that though, for he feared she would think him an odd-ball or worse a crazed stalker and he didn’t want that when he was trying to please, not send her running for the hills.  Brent was  smitten with Cally from the first time he layed eyes on her. She was beyond beautiful and she had his stomach all tied in knots. The instant attraction was so strong that it left him baffled and beside himself. There were times he felt like an adolescent boy in Cally’s presents, yet somehow he managed to talk to her without making a fool of himself.   He hoped if he played his cards right that she would eventually go out with him.
      Brent shook such wishful thoughts away and asked, “Do you have your own car or does someone pick you up and drop you off?” He very well knew Cally lived with her parents and did not have a car of her own, but his plan was to keep her talking so he could offer her a ride home. Brent nervously waited for Cally to respond to his question.
      Cally nervously chewed her bottom lip and replied, “No, my parents do.”
      Brent nodded his head and asked, “Where do you live?” He knew by heart that Cally lived on FM 1800, a good six miles in the opposite direction from him. Brentknew this because he actually drove past Cally’s old farmhouse a time or two. It crossed his mind, to stop by and say hi, then reality hit; he chickened out, made a u-turn outside Cally’s house, and always drove away feeling like a complete idiot and foolish for doing such. Brent came out of his thoughts and smiled as Cally answered his question.
      Cally cleared her throat and replied, “I live on FM 1800, if I have to guess, I would say it is   six miles from here.” She nervously smiled at Brent and asked, “Why do you ask?”
      Brent smiled at Cally, softly tapped the desk and said, “Well, I was thinking that I could start taking you home. I mean, if you do not mind that is. It would save your parents from having to make two trips and it’s not out of my way at all.” He wanted to chew his thumbnail down to the quick, but restrained from doing such. Brent was beyond nervous. He just hoped it didn’t show. The least thing he wanted was to look like a love struck fool in front of Cally. Brent knew giving  Cally a ride home would be going out of his way,    but he did not mind at bit because it would be the perfect opportunity for him to work his way up into asking her out.
      Cally chewed her bottom lip, took her time and thought it over. She knew most of the female dispatchers had a thing for Brent and would kill to be in her shoes right about now. Moreover, truth be told, she was smitten with Brent since the first time she laid eyes on him and knew it would be foolish to pass up on such a tempting offer.  She also knew that her parents would not mind one bit because it would save them from making two trips in one day and save on gas as well. Cally  smiled at Brent and replied, “I wouldn’t mind at bit, but I’d have to talk it over with the parents first. I’ll get back with you at lunch time.”
      Brent smiled and said, “Sure, that’ll be fine.” He motioned down the hallway and added, “I better get back to work.” Brent waved at Cally and then reluctantly made his way down the hallway and shortly thereafter disappeared around a corner
      Cally sat motionless behind the dispatcher’s desk and stared down the hallway long after Brent was gone. She suddenly blinked and came back to the present as Sally Newton plopped down in the empty chair next to her. Cally  frowned at Sally and then went about her duties of answering emergency calls. After  thirty minutes, the calls died down and all became quiet once more. Cally  slipped out her cell phone, dialed her home number and waited for one of her parents to pick up. She purposely wheeled around in her chair, turned her back on Sally, and after her mom picked up said, “Hey, Mom. I had a few quiet minutes and wanted to let you know I have a ride home. So, you and dad don’t have to worry about picking me up in this messy weather.” Cally  leaned back in her chair,  listened to her mom and then replied, “Yes, he’s a jailer.” She sighed softly and continued, “I’m sure he does.” An emergency call came in and  Cally quickly added, “Ok, Gotta go mom. Ok, love you too, bye.” She immediately flipped her cell phone closed and slipped it into the phone case that was attached to her belt.  Cally then answered the emergency call, “911, what’s your emergency?” She ignored the curious looks from other female dispatchers and continued, “Ok, sir. You have got to calm down.” Cally  typed on the computer, pressed a few buttons on the callboard and asked, “Is she conscious and breathing?” She listened intently to the frantic caller and then replied, “Ok, good. I just dispatched EMS and their stationed right down the road from you so they should be there any minute now.” Cally  pressed her lips together, listened to the caller and then said, “Yes, I hear the sirens. Hang up the phone and let them in.” She patiently waited until the caller disconnected then silently hung up the phone. Cally  opened a side desk drawer, withdrew a blue notebook, and placed it in front of her. She flipped through the papers until she found an EMS call form and filled it out. Cally  briefly glanced at the computer screen, then back at the form as she filled out the caller’s information, contact address and nature of the call. She flipped the notebook closed, slipped it back into the appropriate slot and then closed the desk drawer. Cally  tapped a key on the keyboard and smiled as the computer screen changed back to stand- by mode.   She was glad to get a short break in-between answering emergency calls.  Her smile was short-lived,  a noisy, busy-body Sally tapped her on the shoulder and got her attention.
      Sally flashed a super-model smile,  popped her chewing gum and asked, “So, which jailer is it?”
      Cally frowned with annoyance  and bluntly replied, “Not that it’s any of your business, but the jailer’s name is Brent.” She honestly could not stand the bleach-blond, tanning bed addict, want-to-be super-model. Sally was annoying and excessively conceded for her own good and she was not the least bit intimidated.
      Oh hell, Cally  was not kidding anyone, truth be told she was intimidated and for that reason, she  hated her with a passion. She had heard things about Sally from fellow dispatchers who despised her just as much. The newest gossip was that Sally liked to do special favors for not only co-workers, but the male jailbirds as well. Cally looked agitated and asked, “Why? You have a problem with that?”
      Sally plastered a fake smile on her too perfect, surgical face and replied, “No, not at all.” She then  mumbled under her breath, “We’ll just see about that.”
      Cally wanted to ignore Sally’s remark, but  she couldn’t. She sarcasticly  asked, “What was that?”
      Sally  smiled, patted Cally’s shoulder and in mock happiness replied, “ I was just thinking how nice that was. I mean, a girl like you able to catch Brent’s eye is amazing.  She grabbed her purse,  stood and said, “But, can you keep him? Now that is the million dollar question.” Sally popped her gum and added, “I’m heading to the little girls room. Be a doll and cover for me.” She purposely flung her long, blond hair over her shoulder and sauntered away.
      Cally wanted to thow the stapler at Sally’s retreating back and call her every cuss word under the sun. She slumped back in her chair and steamed over the fact that Sally brought up the very question she couldn’t get out of her head.   
      Kim Renee, a plump, redheaded dispatcher wheeled around in her chair, smiled at Cally  and  said, “Unlike Sally, I think it’s great and I do mean that. Brent is a fantastic man and I am speaking of his character. I, like every female dispatcher and cop, fancy Brent very much. Unlike you though, we haven’t been lucky enough to catch his attention.”  She  glanced down the empty hallway, back at Cally and continued, “I wouldn’t let Sally get the better of you. She’s always had a thing for Brent, but he fancies the  auburn-haired, exotic and all natural type, not the surgical perfected ones.” Kim  winked at Cally and added, “Trust me; you have nothing to worry about.” She caught sight of Sally and immediately turned her attention back to the computer.
      Cally did not have to pretend to be working to ignore Sally, for right at that moment she was saved by an emergency call and eagerly answered it

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61979-436-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 08/12/2012
Publisher: Leap of Faith Publishing

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