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Lost In The Shadows

Author(s): Carol Costa

A young woman’s grief over the death of her husband suddenly turns to fear and desperation when she realizes she was his unsuspecting accomplice in the theft of US military aircraft plans. With her own life in danger, she works to clear herself and solve the mystery surrounding her husband’s murder. When she falls in love with the FBI agent who is investigating her, she begins to suspect that she may not be a widow after all.
Spencer leaned against the front of the desk and looked at her for another long moment. Laura tightened her grip on the arms of the chair. Without knowing why, she was terrified.
“I have been sent here from Washington D.C.,” Keith said. “To recover the aircraft plans.”
His tone of voice indicated that Laura should know what he was talking about. The look on her face indicated that she was completely mystified.
“What plans?” she asked.
“The new Air Force HT-14 design.”
Laura shook her head in confusion and didn’t speak. Spencer reached into another pocket of his suit and this time removed a photograph. He handed it to Laura. Her hands were trembling as she took the photo and looked at it. It was a snapshot of two men walking through an airport terminal. One of the men was older and had very dark skin. The younger man wore a large western-style hat, but his face was visible. It was Jimmy.
Laura continued to stare at the photo trying to figure out when it was taken.
“Is one of those men your late husband?” Keith asked.
Laura nodded. “But I don’t understand. Where was this taken?”
“In Chicago, six weeks ago. The other man in the photo is a Cuban, who builds aircraft for his government. I understand your husband spoke Spanish fluently.”
Seeing Jimmy in the photograph upset Laura and it was difficult to speak, but she managed to sound indignant. “Of course he spoke Spanish. His grandmother lives in Mexico. She helped raise Jimmy after his parents died.”
Spencer sighed and folded his arms across his broad chest. “Look, Mrs. Martinez, we need your cooperation. Where are the plans?”
Laura jumped to her feet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I think you do,” Spencer replied calmly. “I’m sure your husband’s murder has you terrified, but I’m here to help you.”
Laura stared at him in disbelief. “Murder? Did you say murder?”
“Yes, we know he was murdered. What we don’t know is what your part was in all of this.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781926996882
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 03/05/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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