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Loving Her Volume 2

Author(s): Megan Rose

Loving Her Volume 2 by Megan Rose
Contains the short stories, On the Beach and Good Neighbors
lesbian erotica with romantic elements
Cover art by Pink Petal Books

Two coworkers find common desires in On the Beach. And a holiday dinner brings together two Good Neighbors who have only wanted each other from afar.


Roxy knocked at the door of her neighbor’s house, running her fingers through her cropped hair and shuffling her feet nervously in the snow, while she waited for a reply. Last week she'd boldly accepted the Christmas dinner invitation from Anna. But now that she was actually here, she sensed her shyness beginning to creep back. She smiled to herself. Anna liked to call her Shy Boi. Roxy liked the name. How could she not? She liked anything that came from Anna; a smile, a nod, a quick conversation. Anna was just about the most perfect neighbor a girl like Roxy could wish for. Sadly, for her, she felt certain that being a neighbor was all that Anna wanted from her.

The festively decorated door swung open, and Anna stood before her—Roxy’s very own holiday angel. Petite and blonde, dressed in a red silk blouse and black skirt, she looked more stunning than usual. “Hey, Shy Boi,” she called, coming down the steps and hugging Roxy tightly, before planting a kiss on each cheek. “I’ve been waiting for you to get here all morning. Come on in.”

The two women walked up the steps and entered the hallway of Anna’s small, but beautifully decorated, town house. Scents of cinnamon, oranges, and roasting turkey, floated though the air, giving Roxy a sense of anticipation for the meal ahead.

“How about a drink, Rox?” asked Anna.

“I’d love one,” she replied.

Roxy followed Anna into the kitchen, passing the brightly lit Christmas tree, crammed full of gold and silver baubles. Anna’s home felt so festive and warm, and in so many ways, it was just like the woman herself.

“You’ve got a real flair for dressing the house,” Roxy complimented. Anna smiled, pouring two glasses of white wine for them both. “It must be the window dresser in me. My ideas from the store just keep flowing once I get home.” She paused, holding Roxy’s gaze for much longer than she usually did. “It’s really hard to stop once I start something that I enjoy.”

Roxy watched carefully as Anna moved slowly towards her. The thought of Anna starting something with her immediately came to mind. Yet, it made the idea of having to spend the entire afternoon sharing the other woman’s company with her family, suddenly unbearable. She wanted Anna to herself. All to herself.

Roxy nodded. “Don’t you exercise any restraints upon yourself?”

Anna held a glass out to Roxy, their fingertips touching as the glass moved from one woman to the other. “Why should I hold back? When I do something that I enjoy….really enjoy, I want to give it my fullest attention. Nothing distracts me. And you know how the old saying goes. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Cheers.”

Roxy knocked her own glass against Anna’s, glad of the chance to allow the cool liquid to quench her dry throat. How could it be, that Anna had the ability to turn her into a quivering wreck by uttering a few simple words?

“When will your family be arriving?” she asked, hoping that the question didn’t make her seem too distracted.

Anna smiled, placing her glass upon the marble worktop. “Not for a few hours yet,” she admitted. “I have to confess to getting you here early under false pretenses.”

Roxy felt her heart begin to pound deep within her chest. “You have?”

She watched Anna’s blue eyes dance mischievously. “I need some help setting the table.”

Roxy’s heart instantly deflated, but she still saw the spark in her neighbor’s eyes. Anna laughed, the lilting sound echoing around the small kitchen. “Rox, you need to relax. It’s the holidays. I wouldn’t ask a guest round here to do any preparations. I just thought that it would be nice if we spent a little time alone before my family arrived. Apart from talking over the garden fence, we’ve hardly spent much time together. And I’ve always been a firm believer in getting to know my neighbors.” Again, Roxy saw the twinkle lighting up her eyes and descending to her lips, which twitched in amusement.

Anna walked towards the kitchen sink. Roxy’s gaze instantly fell to her neighbor’s pert ass, fitted so well into a black sheath of a skirt. “You see Roxy; from this spot for instance, I can see right into your house. I know so much about you already, and yet we’ve never had the opportunity to really get to know one another.”

Roxy frowned, placing her drink down and following Anna towards the sink. She followed the direction of her neighbor’s gaze and saw that Anna had indeed been right. From this vantage point, Anna had a near perfect view of her living room.

“I’ve watched you painting the rooms, furnishing them, living in them. And by the way, you have excellent taste,” Anna told her.

Roxy smiled. Despite the fact that her neighbor had just admitted to spying on her, she found the idea quite exciting.

“And directly above us, is my bedroom,” Anna continued. “Where I can see straight into yours”

Roxy stilled instantly. She felt Anna cover her hand with her own and had to admit that she enjoyed the contact of skin against skin.

“And what have you learnt from watching me in my bedroom?” Roxy asked.

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