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Lust for Danger

Author(s): K.S. Brooks

In a non-stop action adventure thriller, Secret Agent Kathrin Night pursues those who would threaten the planet.

Kathrin searches for truth and fights to win against a gang of international terrorists. She relishes an ocean breeze, the luxury of silk, and the feel of a 9mm gun gripped in her hand. The name's Night, Kathrin Night, Special Agent for the Bureau of International Trauma Analysts (BITA), a "secret" division of the United Nations Security Council. The Bureau is directed by someone high up in the U.N. to quietly look into an act of terrorism. But, when this seemingly mundane investigation threatens to expose scandalous political alliances, the BITA is ordered to cease its activities immediately. . On her own time Kathrinputs to good use her FBI and Navy Intelligence training, her high-tech resources, and when necessary, her crafty, alluring ways with men. Kathrin may even find love along the way. Or is it only a lust for danger?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-59431-128-5
Genre: Suspense
Date Published:
Publisher: Write Words, Inc.

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