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Managing Mrs Burton

Author(s): Laurel Aspen

Every stroke produced a frantic, immodest weaving of hips and drumming of toes, but Mrs Burton somehow managed to maintain her stance, keeping some shred of decorum as her curvaceous bottom was soundly whipped. 'Well done,' he said, 'you took that caning very well, now stay exactly where you are and I'll reward your fortitude.' 'Thank you,' Mrs Burton replied huskily, 'that would be lovely.' In town and in the country, in offices and suburban semis, women have been getting their first spanking. Reluctantly, hesitantly, sometimes forcibly; some even discovering a taste for further punishment. Perhaps that's why the woman sat next to you on the train is smiling? Over-confident career women are tamed and petulant young wives receive a stinging comeuppance in this compelling collection of short stories written by Laurel Aspen, who may well have been present at the time...

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ISBN (Print): 9781901388732
ISBN (Electronic): 9781907753893
Date Published: 06/07/2012
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

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