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Mated to a Wolf

Wulf's Den 4

Author(s): Marisa Chenery

Finn York had a bad experience with werewolves. Marked emotionally and physically from the experience, his aversion causes him to fight the attraction he feels for the female werewolf he meets at Wulf’s Den. Yet her scent draws him with the irresistible power of a werewolf’s mating instinct.

Jocelyn works as a waitress at Wulf’s Den. She’d noticed Finn months before but the sudden changes in him confuse her. When she serves him drinks one night he growls and sniffs the air as if he can smell her arousal and Jocelyn’s confusion escalates. But her interest in Finn heightens and she plots a way to force him to overlook his disgust to claim her as his mate.

Publisher's Note: This was previously published.


Finn slowly pushed back his chair as the room spun around him. He’d reached the stage of shit-faced drunk and then some. He blamed it on her. Every time she brought him drinks, her scent slammed into him, causing his cock to harden with need. He couldn’t stop himself from drawing the scent of her arousal deep inside until the smell of her would be forever engraved in his brain. Even now, so drunk he had doubts he could manage to walk outside to catch a cab let alone walk out of Wulf’s Den, he sported a raging hard-on. He fought the urge to adjust himself inside his jeans that felt too tight in the crotch.

With his hands flat on the table, Finn tried to lever himself up. He leaned on the table for a few seconds as the room seemed to spin faster. Once it spun at a slower pace, he forced himself to stand straighter. So far so good. Now he had to manage the task of walking across the room to the entrance. At that point, it seemed almost too great of a distance for him to manage. Determined to walk out of the nightclub without falling on his face, Finn took an unsteady step away from the table.

He took his time as he walked across the almost deserted Wulf’s Den. The nightclub’s doors had closed for the night a few minutes before. About halfway to the door Finn ran into trouble. The alcohol he’d consumed rushed to his head. He stumbled as he listed to one side. Before he completely lost his balance, an arm came around his waist and his settled around a feminine set of shoulders. He bit back a groan as he looked down and saw who helped to keep him upright.

Finn’s gaze collided with his waitress’ incredible light green eyes as she stared back at him. Unable to stop himself, he ran his gaze along her long, straight auburn hair before he moved down her slim body. She had all the right curves in all the right places that seemed to be a perfect fit against his side. Like all her kind, she was taller than most mortal women. At six-foot-three, he towered over a lot of them, but not this one. She had to be at least six foot tall.

He tried to take his arm back, but she tenaciously held on to him. “I can walk on my own.” His voice sounded slurred even to him.

She gave him a snort of disbelief as she walked them toward the entrance. “I doubt that. I’m Jocelyn Swen, in case you’re interested.”

The side of Jocelyn’s breast brush up against Finn’s with each step they took. His stiff cock throbbed inside his jeans. It didn’t care she was a werewolf. It just wanted to be buried to the hilt inside her wet pussy. He gritted his teeth against the intense arousal that made his blood surge through his veins with need.

“Since you won’t let me go, and I’m in no condition to fight you, you can just put me in a taxi,” he said.

“I don’t think so. I’ll drive you home. You would probably pass out in the cab, and then where would you be?”

Much to his disgust, when they reached the door Jocelyn easily managed to hold him against her side with one arm as she used her other hand to push it open. Even though he weighed more than she did, and he had a lot of muscle on his body that made him quite heavy, she had no problem maneuvering him about. Being a werewolf, she probably could wipe the floor with him if she wanted to.

It didn’t take Jocelyn long to get them to the parking lot at the back of Wulf’s Den. She walked him over to the black Ferrari that sat parked at the very back of the lot. Did all werewolves drive expensive cars? Finn didn’t have more time to dwell on that particular question once she got him to lean with his back against the car while she fished her keys out of her purse. Without her support, his legs slowly gave out on him and he slipped downward. Jocelyn caught him around the waist with both of her arms so he leaned against her body before he could hit the ground.

The feel of her breasts pressed against his chest as she held him close became too much for him. The need to taste her overrode everything else he felt. The same animalistic growl he hadn’t been able to control back in the nightclub rose inside him as he threaded his fingers through her hair. Finn held her in place as he took her mouth in a hard kiss. As he moved his lips across hers, he pushed his tongue between them. His twined with hers. The taste of her had him pushing his erection against her lower stomach. She tasted sweeter than the headiest wine. He couldn’t get enough of her. When she whimpered with need, he brought his hands down to her ass and hauled her closer as he ground his cock against her.

Lost in a haze of sexual arousal, Finn lifted a hand to the buttons of Jocelyn’s blouse. He tried to work one free so he could slip a hand inside to cup her breast, but she jerked away, breaking the contact of their lips. He noticed her lips were puffy from his kisses as he stared at her. The need to pull her into the car, lift her tight skirt and bury his aching cock inside her beat at him. He almost couldn’t ignore it. Before he could try to take her lips once again, Jocelyn unlocked the passenger side door and held it open for him.

She shook her head when he would have pulled her to him again. “No, Finn. First of all, I’m not going to have sex with you in a car in a parking lot. I’m not that desperate. And secondly, I’m not sure this is something you really want to do. You’re not able to think straight at the moment. I have no intentions of sleeping with you and then having you regret what you did the next morning. Now into the car with you.”

The world spun faster again. He had no idea how Jocelyn knew his name. He hadn’t told her, but at the moment, he didn’t much care how she found it out. She shoved him inside the car and put the seatbelt on him before she shut the door. He watched two Jocelyns walk around the front of the car and then get into the driver’s side. Finn’s eyes grew heavy as he settled into the corner of the seat. He gave up the battle to stay awake as Jocelyn started the engine. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-903-2
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 07/25/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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